10 Characteristics That Make a Mobile App Successful

In a highly mobile environment, your business must have a mobile app along with a mobile-friendly website.

They will help you to engage effectively with your target audience and stay ahead of your competition.

A mobile app can drive the value for your business and bring in more customers.

However, just developing a mobile app is not enough.

It should also be successful.

In this article, we have researched and found some important characteristics that can make a mobile app successful.

Knowing the characteristics is the first step to make a successful app. Besides this, you need to follow a thorough process on how to make a successful mobile app from scratch.

By integrating the right characteristics in your mobile app and following a thorough process, you will be able to make a successful mobile application. 

Coming back to our topic, here are the important characteristics that you shouldn’t miss while planning for your mobile app.

Important elements in a successful app

To make your mobile app a big hit amongest your target audience, it should have these 10 key elements.

Solve a problem

The success of your mobile app depends on how effectively it satisfies the needs of the user.

To do this, you can think on new lines and develop an original idea or you can improve upon your competitors’ app and build a new one for your business.

The app should have a purpose and there should be a clear vision of what goals you want to achieve through it.

You should research the pain points of your customers and then design the app so that it offers them an optimum solution.

Make the app simple to navigate

While designing the interface of the mobile app, make sure that it is easy to use.

As mobile apps are task-oriented, you should follow the “less is more” strategy to de-clutter processes.

The user interface should be simple and easy to navigate.

Do not add any features, if they are not relevant to the core functionality of the app.

We suggest that you should follow the following points when designing your app to make it simple, effective, and efficient.

  • The navigation should be short.
  • List the crucial pages of the app first.
  • Search a part of your navigation.
  • Make the navigation intuitive.
  • Design for the multiscreen mobile user.

Develop for both Android and iOS

Currently, two platforms are ruling the mobile app market; iOS and Android.

You should develop a mobile app that offers cross-platform support.

Such an app offers numerous benefits to your business, these include the following.

  • It is cost-effective.
  • You can access a larger market.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Easy deployment.
  • Uniformity.

To make such a cross-platform app, you can use popular frameworks like React Native, Native Script, and PhoneGap.


The performance of the mobile app is the key to its success.

Your app should be optimized so that it loads quickly.

If the app takes its own sweet time to load, then the user will get frustrated and uninstall the app.

Therefore, test your app rigorously across multiple devices to check its performance before its launch in the market.

Personalization and continuous engagement

Personalization of the app design makes it attractive to the users.

The personalized experience can be based on their preferences, location, as well as online behavior.

It improves the user experience through greater engagement leading to the success of your app.

In addition to personalization, you must regularly engage with the user through in-app messaging and push notification.

These messages will remind the user about your products and services.

The messages delivered to the user should be relevant to them.

To do this you can use the app analytics to find out what content the user looks for when using the app.

Once you find out his or her area of interest and their location, then the messages can be personalized to interest the user.

You can include the following to offer greater personalization.

  • Personalize their onboarding experience.
  • Establish an in-app community for the users.
  • Offer rewards for different activities.
  • Have a feedback mechanism to improve the app performance even further.


Security of the user’s data is very important.

The users should be assured about the full proof security system in your app to keep their data secure.

This will give them the confidence to use your app.

To improve the security of your app you should look at the following points carefully.

  • Hack proof code.
  • User permission included.
  • Choose the party libraries carefully.
  • Reliable backend.
  • Use tamper detection technology.
  • Data security during transit and storage.
  • Use the latest cryptography technology.

Off-line experience

You should include some functions in your app that can perform flawlessly even when you are off-line.

Research what are the crucial factors concerning your industry and try to offer off-line functionalities about them in your mobile app.

Regular updates

Regular updates will ensure that there is a continuous process of improvement in your app.

You must keep your servers performing optimally so that the content of your mobile app is always up-to-date.


Mobile analytic helps businesses to find out about user behavior.

This would help you to customize your marketing strategy or messaging to get more conversion.

Social media integration

The user of your app should find it easy to share their experience and content with their friends and colleagues on social media networks.

Therefore, social media integration is crucial for the popularity of your app.

It would help you to attract new users and expand your market.


As an entrepreneur, you should be aware that mobile app technology is leading the digital revolution.

If you want your business to stay competitive, then your mobile app should address the key pain points of your target audience.

This will ensure that the mobile app plays an important role in the success of your venture.

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