100W led flood light

Floodlight LED what is an LED floodlight?

Today we will talk about the meaning of 100w led floodlight or LED Floodlight well [lamp floodlight LED] for a lamp that used a medium Chip LED to illuminate. Provide a wider light distribution angle than general lamps, the Spotlight or [Lamp Spotlight] is a lamp that gives light to the point the same has a spread angle of light is not very wide. The spotlight comes from the root of the word “Spot” which means “spot”, so a spotlight is a light that directs a beam of light to focus an object as a point or circle. These two types of lamps are actually different types of lamps. But Thai people still call both lanterns, thinking they are the same type.

LED floodlights have advantages in addition to energy saving and also gives a very high brightness with a wide area of ​​light distribution It also has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. This type of lamp has a very high energy-saving value compared to using older lamps such as sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, or iodine lamps. LED floodlights can be used for a variety of purposes such as changing the color of walls or walls. Where we do not have to repaint For example, it can make white walls turn yellow or orange. The floodlight, LED light (Warm white), the orange light shining on the white walls. Or it may be used to make the shop stand out by using it as a sign light, a company sign, or a small or large billboard or maybe used for art shows Or use it to help create an atmosphere as needed. Create a colorful look with style erase the memory Nowadays, LED floodlights are becoming more and more popular and began to replace the use of various types of floodlight lamps, which users can use according to their purpose

8 advantages of using LED spotlights and LED Floodlight

Light is important to everyone’s vision. Operate at full efficiency nowadays; humans can invent a variety of lighting devices according to various applications. both providing a large amount of light small amount of light for beauty and lighting for work We need to use fluorescent lights to the right to use and also appropriate, it is necessary to select the type of lighting, efficient installation of LED spotlights have been used in a variety of areas such as inside warehouses, around the house, movie theaters, playgrounds, and sports fields.

At present, that has been developed using LED technology with the spotlight Make it more useful and worthwhile Compared to traditional light bulbs such as incandescent bulbs, CFL ( compact fluorescent lights ), or halogen bulbs.

1 – A lifetime long.

LED spotlight Long life compared to standard bulbs well known LED spotlights have a very long service life. On average, these bulbs will last longer than incandescent bulbs halogen lamp or fluorescent lamp and when we install LED floodlights, it eliminates the worry of frequent replacement of light bulbs, which LED spotlights will not suddenly break down until their lifespan. But when the light began to fade, it is a warning signal to the lifetime of the lamp spotlights LED that it’s almost time to change LED spotlights can help reduce business costs.

2 – Energy Friendly

LED spotlights are another great energy-friendly alternative. Since there is no need to change bulbs often, it helps to reduce hazardous waste while also using very little power. We can therefore save costs. Help reduce the cost of using LED bulbs.

3 – Low heat emission

One of the big problems with conventional light bulbs is that the enormous amount of energy supplied is converted to heat. The heat released is in the air, but the LED spotlights do not emit heat, thus having good performance. And because of its non-thermal emission feature, these LEDs are often chosen for use in refrigeration chambers.

4 – Reduce maintenance and frequent lamp replacement.

LED spotlights are durable, saving users time and money because the lamp will be covered with a hard material. This reduces the risk of breakage as well.

5 – High Security

LED spotlights are another very safe option. Because no heat is emitted this reduces the risk of electrical accidents, fire, and also no fragile and fragile glass fibers.

6 – Produce Bright White Light

The light we get from LED bulbs is bright and very similar to real light. Making it possible to see objects clearly when used in the stadium, it makes us feel like it’s daytime.

7 – Weather conditions and temperature do not affect the work.

LED floodlights can work well even in changing weather conditions. It can maintain good stability even in very cold weather. Therefore, it is used in low-temperature warehouses. or freezer room

8 – Mercury Free Lead and Carbon Dioxide

Spotlights are not made of mercury and lead. Therefore, it does not release harmful energy such as carbon dioxide and this shows that the tube LED spotlight is friendly to the environment and our health.

LED spotlights benefit the future

Many people have heard about LED bulbs for a long time, but they are not popular because of the increased price even now the price of led spotlights 100w will be reduced a lot. It has not been favored for the benefit at all. If you are not interested in LED bulbs, that’s fine, but we would like you to install LED spotlights instead of the old spotlights. Or anyone who is interested in installing an outdoor lighting system, choose led spotlights. The value of the spotlights depends on how long you use each day. Let’s take a look at the advantages of light bulbs led or LED spotlights better.

  • Energy saving because it gives a lot of light but consumes 80% to 90% less electricity than conventional incandescent bulbs
  • Has the longest service life. 100,000 hours (11 years) unlike conventional lamps that last about 1 thousand hours. Buying LED lights online in low price just clicking on this link. I will invite you to must visit for best products.
  • High durability because there is no filaments that may break easily like a normal light bulb and without a mirror as a supporting element therefore not easily broken.
  • Environmentally friendly. Because it does not contain mercury
  • Can light up quickly. Turned on and the light came on immediately no flashing

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