5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Ads Standout

Facebook ads have been introduced as one of the most effective, affordable, and easiest ways to advertise your product or services to your target demographic market. It is a digital paid advert that we see on Facebook. They are made visible to Facebook users on their feed.

But with over  10 million advertisers and 2.89 billion active users the competition for you when advertising is no doubt not only tough but confusing to navigate as well. At first no doubt it seemed easy but as we know with all forms of marketing especially the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing disruptions and growth are part of the system, we need to come up with advanced strategies to stay afloat and succeed.

To counter your dilemma, we present to you the top five tips to ensure that not only do your Facebook ads stand out among the crowd but also give you a bang for your buck.

1. Know your Target Market

You cannot make your Facebook adverts from scratch let alone for them to stand out if you do not know your target market. Every seasoned digital marketer or digital marketing agency knows that a defined content strategy for any ad begins with having your fingers on the pulse of your market, and that is exactly what you need to do. 

You need to be very precise with your target market’s profile and demographics because Facebook gives you the option to target an audience using a Facebook ad based on very specific criteria. Therefore, for your ad to stand out it should first and foremost be directed to the right kind of audience who would be interested in what you are offering them through a value proposition. 

Assume that you are the owner of an organic skincare brand that wants to advertise using Facebook ads. Using the options available in Facebook ads you can directly target your product towards people who have searched for non-irritating or natural skincare products in the past. 

2. Make Sure You Have an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Any good digital marketer would know the importance of content strategy when it comes to the effectiveness of ads. Before you can tell your audience about your product or service or what it can do for them you first have to fight for their time and attention and to do that you need a catchy , eye-grabbing , and pleasing headline that will make them stop and wonder. You need something that displays a crisp and concise message and promises them value that no one has been able to deliver before. To ensure all this follow the following guidelines :

  1. Highlight what makes you unique. How are you different from the rest ? What is your USP (Unique Selling Point) ?
  2. Ever heard of fear of missing out? That is exactly what you want your audience to feel if they do not react to your advertisement.
  3. Keep it interesting and mysterious. Curiosity rarely loses in the marketing world.


  1. Visuals – The Key to Driving Sales

Always remember that the people you are trying to reach are just scrolling through their feeds maybe as a casual activity or to just pass time. If you want to grab their attention you need to do more than just have a good product or service. Psychology has long proven the importance of colors, pictures. graphics everything and anything that appeals to us visually when it comes to the effectiveness of advertisements. Ensure that your Facebook advert has the following qualities, and you will see tangible results:

  1. Use colors unique to your brand. You want yourself to be standing out from the crowd rather than becoming a part of it. 
  2. Understanding contrast in advertisements is very important. Develop such contrast color schemes, which force your audience to pay attention.
  3. Ensure that the imagery being used is relevant to the message you want to send out. 
  4. Never compromise on the quality of images of pictures being used . High-quality images not only make an advertisement appealing but also say a lot about your brand. 
  5. Images of females using your product/service do better than those involving males.
  1. Clarity About Your Outcome – Call to Action

One thing that you need to be clear about is the outcome of your Facebook ad .What exactly do you want to achieve via your Facebook ad? Do you want to increase your Facebook page likes? Do you want to give a push to subscriptions, or do you want to drive sales ? You cannot leave your customer in a state of confusion where they’re not sure  what exactly is required of them. And to avoid this in the very first place, one should be sure about the desired outcome well before the customer.

Facebook ads also desire the same from you . They need you to be sure about the destination towards which you want to drive your customers, for them to deliver as well. Facebook offers the following kinds of Call-to-Action options for your adverts.

  • Contact Us
  • Learn More
  • Watch More
  • Shop Now
  • Book Now
  • Download
  • Sign Up
  • Apply Now
  • Donate Now

Keeping these options in view you need to be sure that which one is the most suitable for your brand and your desired results. For example, if you are advertising an online course then the sign up option is the most appropriate for you. Another example could be of a retail business; if you are in the retail sector then the shop now button is the most suited. 

  1. Reforming your landing page

Now that you have a one- of-a-kind , perfectly tailored Facebook ad in place, you need to focus on where the call-to-action for your ad takes your customer. A harmony between the advertisement and the brand is critical for any business’ success. The alignment between the message and the product represents a company’s values and presents the organization’s true picture to the customer. Therefore, the following steps must be kept in mind when it comes to developing the landing page and main web page for the business or service that was advertised:

  1. Ensure that the Facebook advertisement and the landing page have the same branding elements and color schemes.
  2. The landing page should be the next step to the ad, not a new experience.
  3. Value promised to the customer via the Facebook advertisement must exist and be delivered via the landing page.

Review, Revise and Receive

After executing all these steps do go to the insights panel for your Facebook ads and draw an analysis on how the reach and engagement have performed alongside the generated income .Use these steps to bring out the best not only in your Facebook ads but in your business’s website as well. Using these tips in combination will not only increase your ROI and sales but will also have a huge positive impact on your branding and market recognition. 


In the end, it is important to remember one golden rule.No doubt a well-defined ad, with good branding and a catchy headline that leads to an interactive landing page will get you a first-time customer but to retain and develop the customer into a returning one,  focus should also be placed on the quality of services being offered and the value proposition that your products will fulfill for your customer. 

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