A Day in the lifestyle of a fashion model

It’s a question that many people have when they consider a career in the fashion industry, specifically modeling. Is a model’s life charming? To the average person, this appears to be the case. But in reality, that is not how a model’s life is.

A model adds up to the beauty and attractiveness of the product, which is why any company needs to hire an attractive and talented person as a model to advertise their products or the services being offered. The lifestyle of a fashion model is full of glamour, excitement, fun, and adventure. But also, a high level of restrictions and rules as well. 

Life of a fashion model

Before we get started, let’s clarify a few points about the modeling aspect of the fashion industry. A model’s book, also known as a modeling portfolio, is similar to a brand, with the models’ faces and bodies serving as the product. When an agency hires a new model, it is for their face and body, not for any other reason. However, their portfolio also affects the chances of being hired as a model by a fashion agency.

Furthermore, fashion models set trends and represent fashion houses and designers in fashion shows and photoshoots. Similarly, a fashion model’s life is hectic: they spend their days on photo shoots, go to castings for new jobs, attend runway shows, and various other events across the globe. But the reality is always different..

In the fashion industry, the models endure long hours, grueling schedules, and strict diets to achieve the perfect look. Many models start their careers between the ages of 14-16 while others begin modeling in their 30s. Throughout their career, they work to achieve a certain look according to the latest fashion trends. To become a successful model, you must have stunning good looks and a unique body and posture. And to achieve that the models are made to follow extremely strict lifestyles.

A model is expected to give their all to the agency they have decided to work with. They need to be active throughout from early morning or midnight calls to scheduling coffee meetings with their agent, to late-night castings. In between a hectic schedule, it can be difficult for them to find time for the necessities in their life for example eating regularly and healthily, doing exercise, taking care of themselves, and spending a good time with close friends and family. The life of a model does not seem very glamorous at first, but it has its perks.

Final thoughts

Fashion models are the epitome of fashion and style. They establish trends and represent fashion houses and designers in fashion shows and photoshoots. Because of their responsibilities and burden, the model’s day always begins early. Due to their hectic schedule, they must be prepared to arrive at the shoot by 9 a.m. They will find themselves return home late after the modeling day is over. Then they might want to put on some comfortable clothes and sit down for a nice, relaxing meal. However, due to more meetings and other commitments, they will be kept awake late at night.


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