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A Guide to Keeping Your Artificial Grass Spick and Span

Maintaining plants, shrubs, and trees in your lawn might require extensive care. Hence, you have placed artificial grass in your yard. However, like every other element in the garden, your turf requires regular cleaning too. You may be worked up on finding ways to clean your turf without damaging it. You can use a leaf blower, garden hose, and DIY cleaning solutions to maintain the turf.

The demands are rising for artificial grass synthetic sports fields and extended landscaping applications. Hence, newer methods and cleaning techniques are emerging. This post highlights the best ways to keep your turf spick and span.

Using a Leaf Blower:

Any debris from fallen objects such as leaves and twigs can be easily removed with the help of a leaf blower. The accumulation of this debris makes the turf dusty and can cause several ailments.

Point the leaf blower from one direction and consistently brush through the turf. At the end of the other direction, collect all the dirt and ensure that the ends are clean.

With a Garden Hose:

An alternative to a leaf blower is a garden hose. While a leaf blower is suitable for larger debris, the hose can effectively remove smaller and stubborn stains and debris.

The hose is also effective for spills as it can wash away the stains with pressure. Garden hose can also rinse the entire turf, helping deep clean it.

Using Broom or Rake:

If you want your grass blades to stay erect for a longer time, you can regularly brush them with a broom. Your garden would have a natural look, and the bristles would remain soft.

A broom or a rake has an added reach that can assist you in covering the entire yard at one time. You can start in one corner of the turf and broom or brush in one direction for the grass blades to look natural.

Cleaning the Spills:

The best way to avoid stains and smells after spills is to clean the turf immediately. You can use a paper towel and gently rub the turf with a cleaning agent. Besides, cleaning the spills makes your job relatively easy.

Water and Granular Detergent:

You may wonder whether it is safe to use detergents to clean the turf? Yes, you can use a mild, granular detergent by diluting it in water. Make sure to use only a tablespoon of detergent, or else the ends of the grass may break due to the harsh chemicals.

A safer alternative is vinegar and water solution.

Half Vinegar-Half Water Solution:

If you want to steer clear of chemicals, the best alternative is the half-vinegar and half-water solution. The main advantage of this cleaning agent is that it kills bacteria without damaging the turf.

If your pets or children spend a lot of time on the lawn, you need not worry about the hygiene of the turf. The solution ensures complete hygiene without exposing your children or furry friends to harmful chemicals.

How to Stop Artificial Grass From Letting Out Odours:

Turf tends to smell because of exposure to various kinds of substances and debris. The methods listed below are tried and tested for removing foul odor. In addition, turf installation professionals can help you remove persistent smells easily.

  • You can surround the turf with treated wood to keep dogs and children away and prevent exposure.
  • Installing a system sprinkler can be beneficial to keep the grass clean and fresh. Plus, the sprinklers can drain any potential waste off the grass.
  • You can adopt DIY cleaning solutions such as lime, baking soda, and vinegar. These natural substances ensure that the grass is fresh and damage-free.

Beautifying your lawn may not take up many elements. The key lies in keeping it minimalistic but spick and span. Hence, you can use effective ways such as DIY solutions, leaf blowers, and much more to maintain your turf. Keeping the lawn clean would instantly increase its appeal.

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