Benefits of Chicken Necks for Puppies

Are you a new pet owner looking for a healthy treat for your pup? You might want to consider chicken necks, a popular dog protein. Chicken necks help improve your pup’s dental health when they chew them. Besides the dental health benefits, they also contain chondroitin and glucosamine, which keeps the joints healthy. Below is everything you need to know about chicken necks for puppies, their benefits, and other healthy dog treats.

What are Chicken Necks for Puppies?

The chicken neck includes the trachea, connective tissue, spine, and muscles. Chicken necks don’t comprise the head of the crop. They’re available in two forms; raw and dehydrated.

Fresh chicken necks are available as frozen or refrigerated products and require a cold environment to prevent the harmful multiplication of bacteria. Besides removing the feathers, new chicken necks don’t undergo further processing and are available for purchase at farmers’ markets or supermarkets.

On the other hand, dehydrated chicken necks are available online or in physical stores. Typically, they’re slowly air-dried, freeze-dried, or dried with a dehydrator or heat. Dehydrated chicken necks for puppies are the perfect snack for small dogs and puppies and contain no additives or sugar. Dry chicken necks have no pathogens and longer shelf life than raw treats.

Benefits of Chicken Necks for Puppies

There are several benefits following feeding your dog chicken necks. Most dehydrated chicken necks are made with 100% Australian chicken for dogs and are high in protein, easy to digest, and perfect for chewing. Below are the benefits of chicken necks for dogs.

1. Dental Health

The significant benefit of chicken necks is that it improves dental health. How? As the teeth crush the bones, the bones provide an abrasive action on the tooth surface resulting in plaque removal. This concept is similar to dental chews; however, chicken necks are crunchier and more natural.

2. Joint Health

The chondroitin and glucosamine in the connective tissue and cartilage that make up chicken necks act as precursors for joint cartilage, improving the joint’s health, especially for dogs with osteoarthritis.

Although chicken necks are suitable for your dog’s joint, it isn’t a substitute for seeing your vet to diagnose and treat your dog’s joint problem.

3. Complete in Diet

Dogs that have chicken necks in their diet are typically very healthy. Chicken necks are suitable for dogs, whether raw or dehydrated since they contain natural compounds, bones, and vitamins.

Other Healthy Dog Treats

Other healthy dog treat options include dog kangaroo meat, bully sticks, chicken feet, and beef tendon for dogs. Kangaroo contains less than two percent fat, and it’s among the healthiest red meat options, suitable for dogs of all types. Furthermore, kangaroos have a high concentration of conjugated linoleic acids, effective against cancer and diabetes. Also, kangaroo meat contains zinc which supports the immune system and is a good iron source for your dog’s health.

Beef tendons are low-fat, nutritious chews for dogs that help improve your pet’s dental and mental health by providing plenty of chewing time. There are also many high-quality pet treats that don’t contain preservatives, additives, and sweeteners found in many treat brands. So do your research and consult experts before picking dog food for your pet.


Are you searching for a natural treatment with health benefits to complement your dog’s diet? Chicken necks are a healthy option for your dog, whether raw or dehydrated. In addition, with dehydrated chicken neck treats, you can keep your dog’s bones strong and maintain their dental health since they are high in vitamins like calcium, zinc, and vitamin A. Other healthy dog treats include chicken feet, beef tendons, bully sticks, and antlers.

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