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Best Cities to Buy a Home in Arizona

Arizona, one of the states in the United States of America, is known for a variety of things. Among them include the mouth-watery natural features and its enticing climate just to highlight a few. Such stunning features attract tourists from all corners of the world. As a result, most tourists prefer having their homes in this state, Arizona. There are several cities where people may decide to buy their homes in Arizona. Below is a list of the best cities to buy a home in the State of Arizona.

1. Scottsdale

Situated on the east of the state capital Phoenix, Scottsdale is a desert city in Arizona. The town is famously known for its golf courses and its vast spa resorts. Because of such activities, most people in the United States prefer buying their homes here.

They have been driven by some factors that make them see this city as a place for owning a home. Some of the reasons for buying a home in Scottsdale, Arizona include:

  • The weather. It is without a doubt that in Arizona, it only gets hot three months a year. This means that during this period, the weather is warm and sunny. In winter, the temperature may read as low as 44 degrees. Summer and/or spring is the buying season. This is when the market is as hot as the weather. The result of this is more listings. Furthermore, there are higher mortgage rates. These are bound to slow down the pace of home prices from appreciating.
  • Cost of living. The average price for homes in Scottsdale is approximately $530,000. As compared to the coastal areas, this makes them more affordable. The reason behind people moving to this city is that they want to experience the lifestyle. Now would be the best time to grab a home at a pocket-friendly price.

In comparison to last year, home prices in this state were up to approximately 27.9 percent, selling at a median price of about $895,000. This implies that homes sell after 32 days on the market.

Apart from buying a home in Scottsdale, there are also several fun things you can do. These may include:

  • Hiking at Tom’s Thumb Trailhead.
  • Explore the Butterfly Wonderland. Here you visit and see the most beautiful creatures ‘butterflies’. Their color collections are not only stunning but also mouth-watery.
  • Explore Old Town Scottsdale by Segway. Discover the Old Town in style as you roll down by on a full Segway tour.
  • Discover the trails in Papago Park. This is heaven on earth for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers who may not want to drive for miles out of the city.
  • Other important fun things to do in Scottsdale include: admiring the architecture at Taliesin West, exploring the extraordinary art by Wonderspace Arizona, discovering the confectionary heaven at Candytopia, exploring the Fiesta Bowl Museum, plunging down rivers on a rafting adventure, tucking into tasty treats on a farmers’ market food tour and becoming a detective during an escape game.

The list of amazing things to do in Scottsdale, Arizona is endless. Buy a home and experience the beauty of the entire city.

2. Tucson

This is a city in and the county seat of Pima County, Arizona, U.S.A. Not only is this city the home to the University of Arizona but also it is the second largest city in Arizona. It is one of the most affordable places to stay in Arizona. There is a reduction in the cost of living by 6% which is lower than the national average.

In addition, the cost of living is 5% lower than the state average. This has made the housing costs lower by 25% than the national average making the median prices around $132,200 and median rent prices approximately $772.

This should be an opportunity for you to secure a home in Tucson. Despite the economic recession and the pandemic, the real estate market in this city is still thriving. It is one of the cities with the highest bidding war rates and has been ranked number nine.

 Real Estate Market Trends

  • The median price of a home (single family) has risen by approximately 17.9% making the current median price $385,000.
  • Home values have risen by 25.1%.
  • New listings for single-family homes have risen by 3.5% annually.

When planning to buy a home in this city, there are other factors to consider. One of such factors may be ‘fun things to do. Below is a list of fun things you can do in this city.

  • Visit the Saguaro National Park. This features giant Saguaros in their natural habitat. Other activities you may consider here are hiking, viewing wildlife, and engaging in scenic diving.
  • The casino Del Sol. This is a great place to have fun because the hotel has intimate lounges, game fun, and several restaurants just to name a few.
  • The Himmel Park. This is where after having fun you can decide to cool off your mind by reading a book.

To enjoy all the fun things and amazing places in this city, grab yourself a home.

3. Flagstaff

This is among the cities of Arizona. It is surrounded by deserts, mountains, and ponderosa forests. This city is also the gateway to San Francisco Peaks – home to Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort and Arizona’s tallest mountain (Humphreys Peak).

Over the past four years, the median price for buying a house in Flagstaff was $448,750. Comparing this to the median priced-family single room which is $273,600, affordability is a big challenge. The beauty is that this city also offers an array of living options in its neighborhood.

Buying a house during the off-season is advantageous to the buyer. This is because there is minimal competition from second-home buyers during this season. With this in mind, you can consider buying your home during the off-season.

What about Flagstaff Real Estate?

Leaving behind the fact that the home prices are higher, this city still has a variety of homes ranging as low as $400,000. With the accelerating price increase for homes in Flagstaff, buying a home here is absolutely a long-term investment.

There are amazing activities you can also engage in while in Flagstaff. Such may be a visit to the Coconino National Forest, Lowell Observatory, and the Snowbowl.

4. Buckeye

This is the westernmost suburb in the metropolitan area of Phoenix. It is a city in Maricopa County. When buying a home in any state, popularity is a factor. Homes for sale in Verrado make up the vast majority of home sales in Buckeye. With hundreds of floor plans from an array of home builders, Verrado has it all. Here are some of the reasons for buying a home in Buckeye include:

  • Affordable real estate. The median price for a home in Buckeye is approximately $450,000.
  • Among the top-ranked schools. This city has one of the top-ranked in Arizona State. Verrado Elementary is ranked number one within a walking distance. You can consider purchasing a home here, and take your children for studies if you want better performance from them.

Buying a home in Buckeye offers a wide range of fun things you can do during your leisure time. Among the fun things you can involve in include a visit to:

  • Buckeye Aquatic Center.
  • Buckeye Municipal Court.
  • Sundance Golf Club.
  • Desert Skydiving Center.
  • Buckeye Public Library.


Discussed above are some of the best cities to buy a home in Arizona State with all the factors taken into consideration. Read more about Top discount real estate brokers in the US – (2022).

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