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Rock mechanics is an integral part of the engineering that is considered before initiating any construction work. It includes the determination of the geographical and topographical features of the area of construction. The projects of dam, tunnel, highway construction, etc. involve a hefty amount of investment of the company and such projects require thorough field-work to be done.

The sample testing is done at well-established laboratories with equipment installed to get accurate results. These tests on rocks can be carried out on-site as well depending on nature. These parameters help define the strength, stiffness, and durability of the rock. To maintain the quality of the work done, Los Angeles testing laboratory equipment suppliers offer products and services for its clients with the utmost care from production till delivery. The apparatus and equipment are available at reasonable rates.

The following are the rock equipment testing material used for carrying out different processes:

  • Sample Preparation
  • Drilling Machine
  • Core Drilling Machine
  • Lapping Machine
  • Brazilian Test Apparatus
  • Flat Jack
  • High-Pressure Controller
  • Rock Permeability

The tests carried out are for different purposes, such as:

  • Triaxial Test – This test is conducted by applying pressure on the sample axially in the compression testing machine.
  • Compressive Rock Strength – This test is for the determination of the compressive strength value at which the sample fails.
  • Brazilian Test – In the Brazilian Testing method, the tensile strength of the rock or rock-type material is obtained.
  • Beam bending – The rock sample is subjected to continuous bending until it fails.
  • Shear Strength – These tests are used to find out the friction and cohesion values.

Minute properties of the samples involving water absorption, flakiness, particle grade, etc. are tested easily due to the Los Angeles testing instruments manufacturer. These instruments and apparatus are capable of controlling the pressure and temperature of the specimen easily. The best part about this equipment is that they are reasonable, and due to e-commerce, it can be delivered within a week.

Due to technological advancements, the accuracy of the results has increased. In most cases, the load applied is constant; otherwise, it can be changed as per the test requirement. The sample preparation, which is the first step of testing, is carried out for the particle analysis and homogenization of the samples, which can be done manually or through equipment.

Building and construction is a cumbersome task, and for its proper completion, its mandatory to carry out a geotechnical investigation with the right equipment. The apparatus must be as per International standards and conform to its values. Every construction work demands a thorough study of the area.

The nature of the rocks, its composition, physical and chemical properties, elasticity, and load-carrying capacity are major factors given consideration. These properties can either be determined on the field or in the laboratory. One must pick the right apparatus of the right standards before carrying out the test for the best results.

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