BITSAT Test Service: How Should A Candidate Prepare For BITSAT?

BITSAT test series is considered to be a computer-based examination which is conducted for the admissions to the integrated degree programs of BITS campuses in Pilani, Hyderabad, and Goa. It is an easy exam in comparison to the national level examinations and according to experts, it is an exam in which time management and presence of mind-matters more in comparison to the in-depth knowledge of the subject. So, individuals must follow several kinds of tips so that they can easily clear this particular exam.

Following are some of the tips for preparing for the BITSAT examination:

-The individuals must go with the option of reading the NCERT books because these are considered to be simple which is the main reason they are ignored by the candidates. But these kinds of books are the best possible way of preparing for things because they help in clearing every aspect of the subject and its associated doubts.

-The individuals must focus on time management because practice is the only thing that will help in making the people perfect. For this purpose, one must go with the option of trying to solve as many papers as one again so that one can develop a good command over the examination in proper regard to the time-related things.

-The individuals must go with the option of noting all the formula into a notebook so that one can go with the option of revising them very easily every day. A lot of candidates go with the option of neglecting the formulas because they think it is insignificant but this is the biggest mistake that a candidate can make. So, a lot of questions are based upon the formula and one must never ignore any of the formulae in case one wants to score well in this exam.

-The English and logical reasoning questions are unique in this particular examination which is the main reason one must go with the option of doing practice on mock test papers so that one can get familiar with the pattern of the questions. One must have a complete idea about the basics of the whole thing and there is no need for special preparation in this section.

-It is believed that the difficulty level of this examination is easier in comparison to JEE Mains. So, one must have basic clarity of the concepts and one can very easily clear this particular examination.

– One must have a complete idea about the strengths and weaknesses so that one can improve the weaker topics by revising them each day and can develop a good command over them as well.

-One should go with the option of allotting one hour every day in reading a good newspaper because it will help in developing the English proficiency and will also keep the individuals up to date in terms of current affairs. So, it is considered to be a very good option of developing good command over the language.

Hence, BITSAT preparation should be based upon the above-mentioned tips so that individuals can clear it in the very first attempt with a very good score.

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