Captioning Services for Specific Industries

Capital Captions is a company that specializes in video transcription, translation, and captioning for various industries. Our closed captions are always fit for purpose for deaf and hard of hearing audiences, thanks to our video software and stringent quality assurance methods. To guarantee that our closed captions are flawless, we cooperate with experienced linguists with various specialties. If you’re thinking about hiring a subtitling firm for your video production, have a look at the industries we serve below to learn more about our closed captioning services.

Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with Closed Captioning (SDH)

We have a genuine interest in delivering high quality closed captions for deaf and hard of hearing since we work with our sister site for children with hearing loss. All viewers, we think, should have equal access to audiovisual material. Closed captioning entails video transcription and sound effect descriptions, speaker identification, and logical decisions about what information should be. Because humans, not robots, engage with video content, we believe that only individuals can make such decisions on behalf of other viewers. As a result, we exclusively use experienced transcriptionists and subtitles for our captions and never use speech recognition or other automated methods.

Closed Captioning in the US and Around the World

You may need to convert a video with captions or SDH into another language. Similarly, you may have a foreign video that requires closed captioning or translation for our audience to have full access to the content. We deal with foreign interpretation, transcription, closed captioning, including subtitle burning in different languages at Capital Captions. We’ve got your international videos covered without our low-cost translation and quick response times. Read more about Advantages of Enrolling in Online Courses.

captioning for television

There are a lot of standards that must when it comes to broadcast captioning for television. Most broadcasters require closed captions. They also publish stringent scanning speeds, morphological splits, screenshots, colors, typefaces, sizes, speaker identifications, and other data. We deal with all captioning formats at Capital Captions and supply captions in EBU-TT, EBU-STL, CAP, DFXP, and other structures.

Interpretation and Explanation in BSL

In addition to our SDH services, we now provide BSL translation and interpretation for deaf viewers who prefer to communicate sign language rather than text. Working with captions and BSL at the same time ensures that our BSL videos are perfectly synchronized. We can easily integrate BSL interpreter footage into your projects using sophisticated video editing suites.

E-learning closed captions

We can create SRT, and WebVTT closed captions for your instructional videos, which are ideal for usage in online e-learning websites. We collaborate with novel tells the story from various industries to guarantee that your video data is presented correctly and in the appropriate language. We also have expertise in generating captions for e-learning applications, such as Adobe Captivate subtitles.

SDH solutions for VoD feature and series programmes

We can work with transcription and translation to generate captions for providers such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, iPlayer, and others as part of our VoD subtitling services, just like we can for broadcast closed captions. We assure full compliance with service provider standards by utilizing only experienced captioners. We deal with various formats, including DFXP, TTML, XML, EBU-TT-D, SRT, WebVTT, and others.

We also provide the following closed captioning services in addition to the ones listed above:

Closed captioning for movies

Videos for corporate training and education

Captioning for internet and social video

Video for medical and technological purposes SDH

Reproduction and translation of legal videos

Documentaries and academic videos with closed captioning

So there you have it: the best secured captioning providers we work with, broken down by industry. Contact us now for further information or a quote

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