What Should a Car Bill of Sale Consist Of?

A bill of sale happens to be a document which mentions in detail transfer of property or sale of goods from a specific person or party to the other. An Arkansas bill of sale works as a legal proof – that a transaction has been considered completely. It specifies that the rights of an asset – such as a car – have been transferred to the buyer from the seller. Read and know what a car bill of sale actually comprises of, and the things that you need to include while writing such a document.


The document should have the buyer as well as the seller mentioned. In order to ensure that there is no argument or legal problem later on, the whole name of the buyer and the seller must be included. No abbreviation should be there in the form. In order to avoid any confusion, the names should be mentioned properly – so as to make it easy for a court of law to identify both parties in case any legal issue crops up between them at a later point of time.

Car description

The document needs to describe the said car or vehicle in full detail, this aiding in avoiding any confusion. The make, model no, VIN etc of the car should be mentioned. Here are some of the states where this kind of Bill of Sale is needed:

  • Wyoming
  • West Virginia
  • Washington
  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • Colorado
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Maine
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island

It is possible to get a free of cost car bill of sale template from the internet, and customize it for specific purposes. This kind of document can serve as a record of the transaction, and can serve as a receipt and an invoice. It can outline any condition or guarantee that is associated to the sale. A Bill of Sale can be a great document for the seller and prove that he is not liable for the car in case it is not associated in any accident.

Sale amount

The document should clearly mention how much amount must be paid to the seller. The sum of money which must be paid in full, as well as the date of payment, are two of the most important things to be written properly in this document. This can be useful in avoiding all sorts of confusions between the buyer and seller of a car and also prove to be assistive for a court of law to iron out differences between both parties.

In case the sum is to be paid in installments, which must be mentioned in the documents as well. The mode of payment that would be used, whether cash or check, should be mentioned as well.


If the document is not signed duly, it would not be regarded as legally valid. This kind of form, in a lot of states, needs to be signed in a proper way as well as notarized duly. You need to determine the rules and laws of your state, where bill of sale documents are concerned. Your town or state might require that you simply sign this document, which can be sufficient. You have to know about the bill of sale laws in your region, and proceed accordingly. You may download car bill of sale template here on website.

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