Choosing Where to Live at College

It’s exciting when you head off to college and go out on your own in life for the first time. After years of living at home, following set schedules at school for twelve-plus years, and having limited freedom, you finally get to chart your own course in life. You’ll meet new people from around the country, get to explore incredible learning in your new classes, and have lots of free time for social activities too.

With all the newfound freedoms come new choices to make too. One of the things you’ll have to decide is where to live while you attend university. In years past many simply opted for dorm life, but the high price and cramped, shared space hardly seems like a good alternative in today’s world. More and more students are opting for off campus housing┬áthat offers a better environment with important benefits.

Increased Personal Space

When you live in a crowded dorm suite, you are crammed in together and typically have next to no personal space. In an off-campus apartment, you’ll have your own room where you can hang out, study, or do whatever you like. You won’t have to worry about lights out when one roommate goes to sleep and you still have a paper to write.

Because it’s your own space you can arrange things just like you want, and you’ll have room for your personal items too. Best of all, when you need a break from the grind of tests and classes you can use your room as your own, dedicated retreat. Read more about Emerging Technology Trends in Higher Education.

Private Bathroom

Dorm life can be a drag when you have to walk down a long, dark hallway just to get to a shared bathroom every day. Queuing up for showers on a cold winter morning or lining up to use the sink is just not fun, and frankly not too adult either. As an off-campus housing resident, you’ll have your own private bath space right in your room.

Everything is much easier that way. When it’s time to shower, it’s instantly available for you. There’s no sharing, no wondering if the line for the restroom is too long, and no need to worry about delays when you need to hustle to get to class.

Save Money on Meals

While it can be nice to have someone cook for you now and then, college cafeteria food is notoriously boring and bland over time. Plus, it’s really expensive for what you get. Your off-campus dwelling comes with a full, complete kitchen so you’ll be able to fix whatever you want and eat on your own schedule.

There’s also plenty of storage so you can shop and buy in bulk and save lots of money too. The quality of your food will be much better when you make the meal yourself, and more nutritious too. If you would like you can share a meal prep rotation with your roommates, so you cook for each other at times.

If you are heading off to college soon, be sure to check out the great off-campus student housing options at your university. You’ll find that living in a spacious shared apartment with amenities is hands-down better than old dorm room living any day.

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