Cloud Storage for WordPress Hosting: What you need to know?

If you are looking for a powerful solution to host your WordPress site, you must have come across the term ‘managed WordPress hosting’ at least a dozen times. Compared to traditional hosting solutions such as shared or dedicated, WordPress hosting is relatively new. And with WordPress CMS growing exponentially, the demand for it has accelerated. In this brief guide, we will dwell on the basics of managed WordPress hosting and the pros and cons of choosing one.

Managed WordPress Hosting: An Introduction

For those who don’t know, managed WordPress hosting is a streamlined hosting service optimized to help you run a WordPress website. Cloud StorageWhile the technical requirement of a WordPress CMS is low, you can run your website with high productivity and power if you use servers optimized for WordPress. By choosing a managed hosting service, you can enjoy a hassle-free WordPress experience and stay away from technical glitches.

Now that we have understood what managed WordPress hosting is, let us see how it differs from a conventional shared hosting solution:

  • Managed WordPress hosting services run on VPS or dedicated servers fine-tuned for smooth running of WordPress CMS.
  • Because it is a managed solution, the technical aspects of managing your website are taken care of. This includes software updates, security, monitoring traffic levels, and so on. Your site is handled by a bunch of experts who understand WordPress in and out. As a result, you can focus on growing your business.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Key Benefits

Here are some key benefits you can enjoy by choosing a managed WordPress hosting service:

1) Enhanced Speed and Performance

When you purchase a managed WordPress solution, your server is optimized to get the most out of WordPress. As a result, you get the best page loading speed and performance with your WordPress site. Even when your site experiences heavy traffic, there’s nothing to fret about.

2) Automated Updates

As a WordPress user, it’s vital that you duly update your WordPress core, themes and plugins. Failing to do so can make your website vulnerable to attacks. With a managed hosting service in place, you have a team to handle all such installations and updates on a timely basis. They also ensure that all your plugins are working in a proper manner.

3) Automated Backups

A specialized WordPress host offers regular, faster and more reliable backups. As a result, it’s easy to restore your site and prevent loss of mission-critical data if something goes awry.

4) Premium Support

The level and kind of support will vary from one service provider to the next. However, we can safely assume that a host trained in managing WordPress will understand the platform much better than a generic one. In addition to top-notch support, you can get tips and suggestions on how to improve site speed, manage plugins, and so on.

5) Robust Security

Being a WordPress expert, your host will be conversant with WordPress-related security issues. As a result, they can monitor things easily and react more quickly than their counterparts should things go wrong. In the absence of such support, you can have a hard time fixing your security vulnerabilities.

6) Fine-Tuned Dashboards

Managed WordPress’s dashboards are different from a regular hosting dashboard. They convey a lot of useful information. They can tell you which version of WordPress you are using, offer statistics on usage/visitors and show if you have outdated plugins.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Key Drawbacks

1) Less Flexibility

Since WordPress hosts have more stringent policies than regular ones, it can, at times, make things a little inflexible for you. For example, you may not be able to use third-party plugins or those with a poor track record. But because WordPress offers an enormous range of plugins, it is quite unlikely that you will need such plugins in the first place.

2) High Costs

Offering a top-notch web hosting experience requires premium-quality hardware, technological know-how, and so on. Even the cheapest plans cost you no less than $30 per month.

Manage WordPress Hosting a Good Fit for your Business

Managed WordPress’s hosting offers the freedom and time to focus on growing your website.  Managed WordPress hosting comes with a hefty price tag.

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