Common Issues Faced with Power Banks

When you are away from home, having a low battery percentage is a total nightmare, especially if there are no outlets to charge your mobile phones, tablets, or laptops!

Luckily, power banks were invented. It serves as a portable power supply to charge your mobile devices and other gadgets considering they have a USB interface.

However, as ideal as it is, power banks may have issues depending on how you use them or how long you have been using them. By investing in reputable brands such as Xiaomi or Anker, most of these issues can be easily avoided.

If you are seeking answers as to why your power banks are experiencing issues, here are the common problems faced by power banks:

The power bank is charging slowly.

Having a power bank that charges as slowly as a sloth is a bummer. Leaving it in your wall charger overnight isn’t always enough to fully charge the power bank. This could be the reason why.

There is not enough power from the wall charger to supply a quick charge.

Most of the time, a power bank does not come with a charger, so it should be bought separately. Using regular wall chargers may take a lot of hours to charge your power bank.

It will take at least 8 hours before the power bank reaches its full capacity. Start investing in fast wall chargers to enhance your experience as a power bank owner.

It can reduce the charging time by up to 5 hours.

Charging cables are of low quality.

This may not be believable, but it is true! The cables can affect your charging.

Using a low-quality charging cable may require you extra time to fully charge your power banks.

Power banks that have larger capacities require longer hours before getting fully charged.

Of course! Imagine comparing the charging pace of a 5000 mAh device to a 70000 mAh device.

It is understandable that heavy-duty and larger power banks will take more time to charge compared to small-capacity power banks.

The lifespan of the power bank is about to end.

The longer you use a power bank, the less efficient it becomes.It may also be because of the excessive device, resulting in slower charging time.

Swollen power bank.

You may notice that your power bank becomes bloated after some time that you use it.

It becomes bloated when there is too much current flowing through the battery, which generates too much heat, which in turn causes internal battery gases to expand in volume, therefore, expanding the battery as a result.

Power banks become unstable or, worse, unusable when they’ve swollen. Aside from an overcurrent, here are the two possible reasons why your device is bloated :


Excessive charging, even if your power bank is at its full capacity, can result in bloating of the device.

Poor Quality Power banks that are low quality can easily get corrupted

Invest in known brands of power banks that offer warranties and have safety measures!

My power bank is making a lot of noise

“Coil whine” is the term for the high-pitched sound that your portable charger makes; it is most noticeable on older televisions.

The vibrations caused by electrical current passing through interior parts, however, are what drive the electrical noises, which are pretty prevalent.

But sometimes, this can be a sign of a broken portable charger. Here is why your power bank is making noise

The charger is worn out or fake

If your charger is fake or has been used for more than a year, the noise could be due to the components being of low quality.

Again, it is better to invest in known brands with warranted safety measures rather than risk your lives. Faulty transformers and short circuits could also be the reason why you are hearing a high-pitched sound.

Power bank gets easily drained

One of the most annoying things is your power bank draining fast, just like a new year countdown. There may be reasons why it drops quickly:

Both the power bank and the charger support fast charging

The power bank will drain fast if the charger that you are using is fast charging. The electricity travels faster from the power bank to another device as the charging voltage gets boosted.

Thus, your power bank will deplete easily.

Your battery is damaged

Any kind of battery damage could cause the portable charger to lose power more quickly than expected.

If, by accident, you drop your power bank on a hard surface or into the water, the capacity of the battery will degrade. Some other causes of a damaged battery include overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting.

Close to the maximum lifespan

The battery may be draining faster than ever because it is about to reach its maximum lifespan.

Though it is normal for a battery to be less capable after extended usage, it is important to take note that your charging routine can affect your battery and power bank performance.

Power Bank Explosion

A power bank exploding right before your eyes is quite bizarre, but it is possible. And this explosion could potentially harm you.

Here is the possible reason why power banks explode:

The circuit design is incorrect

In order for a power bank to perform at its best, circuit designs must have temperature control, short-circuit control, and power protection, which is a mechanism to stop power banks from overcharging.

If one or none of these are present, your power bank has a higher chance of exploding.

Poor battery quality

Investing in cheap power banks means investing in low-quality batteries. Manufacturers sometimes use recycled batteries, which compromises the safety of consumers.

Improper use of a power bank

Exposing your power bank to the sun, high temperatures, or spilling water on it can cause your power bank to explode.

To conclude, many people have been drawn to technology. That is why it is important that we try to acknowledge the common problems that exist along with their convenience.

In the case of a power bank, its performance heavily relies on how we use it and how we take care of it.

Choosing reputable brands is also a must to avoid internal issues brought on by low-quality production.

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