5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your CPA Review Course

Acquiring the Certified public accounts certificate is one of the distinctive documents that every accountant must hold. However, obtaining this certificate requires you to undertake a series of examinations which you must pass. This is where CPA review courses come in; they are designed to help you boost your mark in the final CPA exams. Below are some of the questions that you should ask when choosing a CPA review course. Read more about BITSAT Test Service

Which Mode of Learning will Be Used?

There are various CPA review courses, and all come along with diverse teaching techniques to equip their learners with skills to help them pass the examination. You will therefore need to make sure that the CPA course will meet your learning requirements.

The techniques and modes used include video tutorials, audio lecturers, soft copy notes, and physical lectures. When asking this question, you must know which mode of learning suits you best. For example, visual learners learn best as they watch while audio learners perform best while hearing and listening to lectures. As such, you have to make sure that you are acquainted with the learning technique adopted as you prepare for the CPA examination.

Who Will Be Teaching?

It’s a simple but fundamental question that you should ask your CPA course review provider. Recently we have seen rapid growth in the number of CPA course review providers. However, some of these providers do not have professionally trained lecturers or accountants. This makes it necessary for you to ask who will be doing the teaching.

To benefit from the CPA course review, ensure that your provider has qualified lecturers and accountants as guides. This will help give you the certainty that you receive the proper training and guidance as your CPA exam approaches.

How Available Are You?

Again, it would be best to find out your lecturers and accountants; you do not want to be left with audio and video lectures by yourself as you prepare for your CPA examinations.

If you are wondering which cpa review course to use, make sure that your provider is available for a minimum of five hours daily and will respond to your questions.

How Much Will You Pay?

Do not start the CPA review course without adequate knowledge of the amount of money you will pay for the system. There are various review course providers, and all charge differently depending on the quality of their services and duration of learning.

Probably, by now, you are wondering which cpa review course to use? In this case, make sure that your provider charges an affordable price and is rated among the best. You can ensure that you pay a fair price for the course by shopping around in the industry.

In most cases, the course providers’ prices do not vary with significant figures, and this makes it easy to determine whether you are being overcharged or not.

How Many learners Passed The Last Exam?


Of all the questions that you will ask, probably this is the most important. Depending on the answer that you will receive, you will decide whether to make the payment and start learning or start looking for other CPA review courses.

Remember that you are undertaking the course to help improve your performance as you prepare for the fourth coming CPA exam. Thus the dilemma on which cpa review course to use is resolved when you know how many learners the system has been able to help pass the CPA examination. If the course review has been able to help more than half of their learners in the CPA exams, then it’s an excellent option to use.

However, if you discover that most of the learners failed or even dropped out of the course, you should be suspicious that something is amiss. Choosing a CPA review course is never easy; however, when equipped with the above set of questions, you will be able to single out the best CPA review course. The course should help you pass the CPA examination, make you’re learning exciting while at the same time offering instant feedback to your CPA review questions. By going through the above sections, you will find some questions to ask when choosing a CPA review course.

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