FRITZBOX ROUTER – Being someone who can spend all their time watching football and cricket matches, the month of November was more than overwhelming for me. There had been this Australia vs. India cricket match going on and then there is this Chiefs vs. Buccaneers football game. So, right now I can be seen stuck to my laptop throughout the day till late at night. All this sounds cool, but this would not have been possible had I not got my hands on the Fritzbox router. There had been many dead spots in my house and the internet connection was a headache for everyone in the family. Right now, everything has been resolved and I can connect multiple devices at the same time, and still, the internet connection is at its best throughout the day (and also night).

Router Device

At first, when I went to buy the router, I was a bit cryptic because it had a very minimalistic exterior and I was unsure if it would solve all my problems. It has got many features, half of which I did not even use. Now, It has got a beautiful exterior that makes it look expensive than it is. It has got somewhat a leather book cover spaceship look and is more than a usual black or grey router. its bottom has got ventilation cut-outs so that the router can keep its optimum temperature and does not get extensively heated.

Then, It has got no external antenna, however, it has eight internal antennas. I love both its design and performance. Moreover, it also has got a reasonable weight so it is handy. If you are searching for an excellent wireless router that has a nice retro design that goes with your living room aesthetic, then this fritzbox router is surely the one you should go for.


The fritzbox router setup does not require too much hard work. The fritzbox router comes with a handy manual that guides you through all the steps. It processes while setting up the router. Once you connect the fritzbox to your DSL line. Enter your account information in the fritzbox user interface. The fritzbox automatically gets connected to the internet. After that, all your devices, your computer, laptop, Smartphone, and others connected to the fritzbox can use the internet connection at the same time.

You need to type on your web browser address bar or you can enter setup to reach directly to the process of setting up your fritzbox. As soon as you click on enter, you see the wizard for the first basic configuration. You need to select the language of your preference. Select English or another language if preferred and then click on “Next” to continue. After following all the steps as required, the fritzbox will now automatically reboot and after waiting for about 1 minute you will get to see the Welcome screen. After clicking on NEXT you have to choose your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and then confirm the settings. As soon as you are done with this, your device will start connecting to the internet.


For successfully login, you need to have the IP of your device, the username, and password. All of this information will be provided to you in the manual that came along with the router. After clicking on the web browser, you need to type in the default IP address to access the admin interface on the address bar. Then type in the username and password for login. If the above login credentials don’t work then you can try another method as well given in the page.


If you are unable to access the internet via the fritzbox router. Then you need to troubleshoot the error that is appearing. Fritzbox not working can also be resolved. It could so happen that even though the fritzbox is configured for DSL internet access. Some or all of your devices connected to the fritzbox cannot access the internet. You could either check the event log of your fritzbox or configure the device. You could also install the latest software for any network adapter.

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