GTA Vice City APK Full Version Free Download

Introduction of GTA vice city:

GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto. GTA Vice City APK is a famous video game based on action-adventure released by Rockstar North Limited ( also known as DMA “ Direct Memory Access” Design Limited ) a British video game development company in 1997 and published by Rockstar Games. This game earned a huge profit and fame. GTA vice city has sold almost eighteen million copies at the international level. And it became an everlasting popular video game among all video games. When it was introduced, it was readily accepted by a majority of people. Firstly, only Playstations had access to this video game but later, it was released on many other platforms. This game supports many versions of eight different languages but it does not support the Chinese version.

Story of GTA vice city:

Tommy Vercetti is a previous member of the Forelli Crime Family in Liberty City, who was sentenced to lock up for fifteen years. When he was released, he was sent to Vice city for a great drug deal with the Vance brothers. But this deal did not remain successful and became non-functional due to which both money and drugs were wasted. He started looking for the person who was responsible for this destruction. After some time, Tommy started building a criminal empire by himself. Finally, he found the man who was responsible for the whole destruction and loss. He killed him and takes over his own gang ( Versetti Crime Family ) as a leader. He build the biggest crime empire by killing all his enemies and became the final great leader of Vice city. The player has to control Tommy Versetti and has to fulfil all the given missions by competing with him.

Features of GTA vice city APK:

This video game is available on Android devices far from other games that just cost money, but the APK is totally free of cost. You are just asked to invest some of your precious time for the GTA vice city APK. This game is completely secure to download and play. And there is also no threat of any type of virus. This game has high quality of graphics, accurate controls, having entertaining and adventurous missions and wireless game controller compatibility. Some important features of this video game are as following:

File size…………….. 7.60 MB

Operating system………..Android 5 and above

Latest version…………v1.109

Last updated……… February 14, 2021

Device requirements for GTA vice city APK:

*To download this game on an android phone, it must have free storage of almost 1.5 GB to avoid hanging of your device. This is an important term for the proper and smooth running of GTA vice city APK.

*An amazing thing about this game is that you do not need an internet connection to play this game. You can play GTA Vice City APK when you are offline. In fact, you can have access to all the missions while you are offline. You just need the internet once, to download this game.

Music and sound production:

GTA vice city APK consists of cutscenes for more than 90 minutes and constant music of nine hours with more than one hundred and thirteen songs and commercials.

The commercial performance of GTA vice city APK:

When the first copy of GTA vice city APK was released then within 24 hours its almost five lac copies were sold. Vice city sold its 1.5 million copies within two days of its release. This makes this game the fastest-selling game in history at that time.

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