Headless Compression 2.5mm Screws

Headless compression PT screws

Headless compression PT 2.5mm screws are a type of screw used to fix bone fractures. They can be inserted by power or by hand. The different pitch of the threads provides compression.

There are a variety of commercial designs that vary in thread pitch. Some have a headless design while others have a cortical-threaded head. Commercial designs also differ in diameter and shape. A review of product directions is necessary for proper use.

Bio headless compression screws can be used for a wide range of indications. Some of these include nonunions, greater tuberosity fractures, and fractures of the upper extremities.

The hexalobe recess allows for simplified insertion and improves torque transmission. These features are important for osteotomies. Another advantage of a headless screw is the fact that they can be completely buried in bone. Unlike traditional headed screws, they can be inserted into bone without causing soft-tissue irritation.

Headless compression PT screws are indicated for use in many surgical procedures. For example, they can be used in fractures of the proximal phalanx, elbow, and midfoot. They can also be used for fusions.

In a recent study, five headless compression screws were compared for their ability to generate fastening torque. All of the screws generated over 60 N or 6 kg of compression. While the actual compression was not significantly different between the five HCSs, the number of surgical failures was.

These results show that partially threaded screws are not as reliable as fully threaded screws. Their failure rate was 21%. More research is needed to assess the reliability of partially threaded screws.

One of the benefits of using a headless screw is that it is more comfortable to the patient. It provides more lateral release than a traditional screw, which reduces nail bed disruption. Also, it allows for better compression. This can be particularly helpful for fractures of the proximal phalanges.

If you need to fix a Jones fracture, a headless compression screw may be a good option. However, it is important to know the risks. For instance, diabetes is associated with worse outcomes.

Pan head screws

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