Highlighting the best ways to clean and maintain your bbq covers

Barbecuing during the weekends is a timeless tradition in various parts of the world. However, keeping the BBQ grill cover and the grill clean can be a daunting task. With all the burger and pizza grease, sauce splatter, and dust and dirt, you know how difficult it can be. You can follow these easy steps for keeping your covers in the best condition.

If you’re not sure about how an advanced solution will affect the surface, you can spot test the appliance before cleaning it. Don’t allow the cleaner/solution to dry on the concerned surface.

  • The first step is to remove debris and any food from the grill cover.
  • Hose down the cover to help the solution penetrate the main material. You can then apply the cleaner on the grill cover’s surface.
  • Allow the cleaner a few minutes to penetrate and sit. Scrub the soiled portions with non-abrasive sponges. You can use with brushes that have soft bristles.
  • You can then rinse every surface with some clean water or a garden hose. The next step is air drying. You can then repeat the process to remove stubborn stains and grime.

The moldy covers

To clean bbq covers that have mold, avoid harsh chemicals. White vinegar can help thwart mildew and mold.

  • Pour the vinegar (undiluted) into a spray bottle. Spray the solution directly on the parts of the cover that have mildew infestation.
  • Give 60 minutes to the solution to settle down the material. You can then clean the grill cover with soapy water a gentle brush to eliminate any other residues on the cover.
  • If there’s still some mold languishing on the BBQ cover, spray them again with white vinegar.
  • You may discern some greenish or black stains on the cover after removing the molds. You need to wash them off with soapy water.
  • In the final step, running water is very useful in rinsing your BBQ covers. Hang the grill cover in the sun. Give it enough time to dry completely. Don’t use it until it’s fully dry.

If it’s a light vinyl BBQ cover, use minimum water since water can cause cracking inside the material.

In a nutshell

A very simple way to clean these covers is to keep a few things in hand. These are soap, warm water, mild degreaser, a piece of cloth, and quality paper towels. The process remains pretty much the same, but you need to keep certain things in mind.

  • Make sure your BBQ is completely dry. If you use it while it’s still watery or moist, it will cause dampness inside the grill, leading to rust.
  • Different materials of BBQ covers may need different strategies and materials to clean. You may also need extra ingredients if the scale of use and size of the appliance is huge.

Vinyl covers are the most popular due to their easy maintenance. They don’t absorb water and can dry up quickly. They are also waterproof. You won’t find the same leverage in other covers like canvas and polyester. Rinse the BBQ cover with clean water.

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