How difficult is the CCNA?

Cisco took a significant step forward last year by distorting a substantial portion of its certification program, particularly at the CCNA level. Instead of multiple certificates connected to specialized areas such as security and the cloud, there is now a single CCNA certificate that manages them all. Now that the new CCNA certification’s release date has passed, we can analyze the new CCNA. What effect have these modifications had on CCNA certifications? Is the new CCNA test more difficult or easier to pass than the previous CCNA test?

Understanding what’s new in the CCNA test

Until you could choose one of the following paths for your CCNA:

  • CCNA Cloud
  • CCNA Collaboration
  • CCNA Data Center
  • CCNA Industrial
  • CCNA Routing and Switching
  • CCNA Service Provider
  • CCNA wireless

This choice requires passing at least two certification examinations, and in some situations, additional tests. And if things changed while you were studying for the CCNA, it wasn’t always as simple as altering your course. With the new CCNA, certification requires only passing one exam. Specialty occurs infrequently, which provides you with additional flexibility if you’re fresh to Cisco certifications. Even in cities like Kanchipuram CCNA is becoming too famous these days.

How complex is the new CCNA?

The achievement rates will tell the story in roughly a year, but certain inferences can be made now. By and large, the new CCNA is more complex than the previous CCNA. The changes necessitate a broadening of your knowledge base. Previously, you could simplify your path to CCNA Routing & Switching by beginning with CCENT, which served as an introduction to CCNA Routing & Switching. Additionally, it aided you in deciding on future CCNA paths. This is no longer available, which makes obtaining a new CCNA more challenging.

Some little changes in new CCNA

You will not lose your priority areas with the new CCNA; they have simply been replaced by specialty certifications (more on that later). However, you are about to sit for an exam that will cover more networking principles. This necessitates a broader perspective and comprehension of the material. This is not to say that the earlier CCNA certifications did not cover the fundamentals adequately, but the new CCNA does. As a result, the exam may be more challenging than the preceding CCNA. Read more about CCNA Certification in Berlin.

The complexity arises from the fact that the new CCNA exam includes all aspects of modern networks. This is an excellent study in and of itself. For prospective networking professionals, programming and automation, in particular, might be tough. While automation appears to be the standard these days, the concept of incorporating programming into network certificates is novel. This may introduce an additional layer of difficulty for certifiers who are familiar with basic networking technologies but are unfamiliar with automation.

How change benefits you

Cisco had not made a significant adjustment to its certification program in a long time prior to this move. The supply of IT specialists has warped with time. At the associate level, experience does not necessitate specialization in any one field. Typically, an employer seeking to hire someone with a CCNA wants that person to have a working knowledge of Cisco applications and the ability to mold that individual into what is ideal for the firm. This establishes a clear path for advancement as you climb the career ladder.

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