How shower enclosures and trays can make perfect combination?

The decision to install a new shower at home is very sensitive, and the first thing you intend on is to install the latest shower unit. Nowadays, the industry has been developed to the phase of adding up shower enclosures and trays in the shower areas.

glass shower enclosures and trays

If it does not use the existing space in which the bathroom exists, placing the new shower would make the plumbing simpler to take advantage of sufficient water flow and waste, or they double the project as new pipes are built and routed. So scan everything before making any final decision. 

Choose the right tray  

There is a wide range of choices, depending on the space and budget. For shower enclosures and trays, they come in an array of the rectangular, and quadrant dimensions to ensure bathroom conformity. One of the best options is to buy a shower tray made from acrylic filled with heavy weight cast stone, which is long-lasting and of high quality. Their functional architecture includes a skid resistance base and adequate space for showering.

The draining of the water from the shower tray should also be taken into consideration during the design process since the shower tray is on the floor so the waste hole needs to be cleaned. It is advised, either to get a professional’s advice or to use a contractor for the installation of primary plumbing to reduce the workload. 

Before buying the shower enclosures, it is best to first fit the shower unit before installation, as tiles and screens will adjust the size of this shower area. When sealing the shower tray, it never involves value and consistency. Using waterproof sealants on the floor is very important; the improper use of silicone dressing agents can lead to a leak in your shower, which causes extensive water damage. Often, water will flow through the floor depending on the location of the shower, which can cause costly repairs to the room below the shower.

Installing the shower enclosure

When you have mounted the shower tray only then you can choose the shower enclosure. Today the best trends in shower enclosure are simple to maintain frameless glass designs, and because there is no frame in that enclosure, there is less risk of calcium or dirt being built. Before the selection of shower enclosures and trays, ensure that it takes the correct measurements to match the additional height of the shower tray with the space on the floor, particularly if the roof is low.

Before installing the shower, enclosure checks it carefully for the solid structure because putting the case on the tray later will cause double duty and discomfort because of design defects in the unit. It is proposed that leakage testing of the enclosure is one of the best approaches for the detection of cracks by shower manufacturers. By pumping the glass with the adjacent frames, protective steps avoid additional work when there is a leak in the water and it exchanges the unit for a new one.

Height Shape and Size

Shower enclosures of all shapes, sizes, and heights are available. When selecting a package, investigate your bathroom’s shape and space where you need, and arrange the new shower package. You can then pick the form that is either rectangle, rectangular, or oval. How far from the wall is the toilet, is your decision, but do not try to drag one into your toilet without space to handle. This is your preference in terms of height. However, the height of your ceilings can depend as well.


For your bathroom, the location of your glass shower enclosure is important. You may either lose space or take space, depending on the size of your bathroom. You could save yourself time and money by building the new enclosure at the same place as the old bath and cubicle. However, you must check if the old position is appropriate or whether the new enclosure looks somewhere else better. You must deal with it for the next ten years, so it is important to make the right decision.

Where to buy? 

This is the most crucial element to select: the most suitable shower enclosures and trays for your bathroom. There are several online and offline bathroom stores to get shower enclosures as per your specifications. You must put some effort to select the one and online options would amaze to have for not having any travelling and search cost. Likewise, you can avail of different discount coupons for increasing the reasonability of the selected products. Have fun!

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