How to enjoy your weekends in Toronto

After having a tough and tiring week due to putting in the hours at work we finally arrive near the end of the week and cherish the day off. Often at times, we are confused about how to spend that one day we are free so we end up with the usual sitting at home, watching TV all day. Just as so it happens, Toronto is full of entertainment, and seeing the multiple and numerous places you can visit to enjoy yourself and have a fantastic weekend, you should really not stay home. Due to its several different entertainment spots, Toronto witnesses nearly 28 million tourists every year which defines how popular the attractions, monuments, and restaurants occur to be. Let us discover how you can have a spectacular weekend in Queen City.

Start your day with some breakfast:

Ideally and righteously, the best way to start your weekend would be to enjoy some healthy breakfast at first in the morning. With that being said, to lighten up your morning you can either have breakfast at home or visit Emma’s Country Kitchen as they will serve you some delicious food that will only make your morning more fruitful. Emma’s Country Kitchen has a decent number of history attached to it consisting of secret recipes that have passed through generations. The restaurant serves some of the most remarkable breakfasts in town and happens to be very popular for its fried donuts. Read more about How to Choose Accessories for Travel Vlogging?

The Niagara Falls:

Usually regarded as the essence of Toronto, one of the best ways you can really buckle up your weekend in the queen city is by starting your morning on a wonderful, peaceful, and exotic trip to Niagara Falls. Most Toronto residents are already bored of the falls but yet it offers an exciting air of freshness especially in the morning when you start your day positively therefore, Niagara falls can be an amazing way to kick off your weekend morning.

Visit the Royal Ontario Museum:

You can also start your morning by visiting the Royal Ontario Museum and start your weekend productively seeing that the ROM is Canada’s largest museum with a lot to offer and explore. It is one of the most diverse museums in the world with more than 6 million different objects which it speaks on the variety present and how you will not discover everything.  The Museum is beautifully built and structured with the ground floor galleries dedicated to different world cultures from all over Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Rome and so many more. So surely you can check out the different cultures and learn about them. Other than that you can look deeply into Canada’s history by discovering more than 1,500 different ancient artifacts whilst you also learn about different symbols from the past, what they stood for and mean. They’re also several unique pictures you will find extremely interesting such as the very popular painting of The Death General Wolfe. An entire gallery is also dedicated to art and furniture so you will most likely learn a great deal.

Pack up for a trip to CN Tower:

A trip to CN Tower in the afternoon is somewhat mandatory on the weekends. One of the tallest historical sites in the world, the CN tower is exactly where you need to visit to ease your mind on your day off considering that the breathtaking 360 views offered at the top where you can experience the majority of the city from the bird’s eye as it really calms and relaxes your mind. The tower is more than 500 meters high is extremely important for the telecommunications services downtown. With the CN tower comes unreal versatility that too at different times so it is up to you as to what time you want to visit seeing that there are unlimited activities along with different variations. Either way, it is the perfect place to spend 3 to 4 hours on your weekend.

Visit Kensington Market:

The very colorful Kensington market is located near Spadina Avenue which is one of the best neighbourhoods in toronto for families. It is a diverse market with an extreme array of variety in terms of food, music, vintage clothes and so much more. It is so popular and wanted to the point where it is heavily crowded on weekends. It is an exciting place to visit also because it offers all cuisines. After your visit to Kensington Market, you can visit the graffiti alley which is only a 15-minute walk away from the market. End your day by taking some swag-like pictures behind the graffiti walls!

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