How to get Internet without Wi-Fi on Laptop

In any case, you want the internet without a Wi-Fi connection, whether you don’t want to get wireless internet or you don’t like it. There are several ways to get internet without Wi-Fi on the laptop. So if you don’t want to connect Wi-Fi to your top-rated laptop for nursing student and look for possible ways to get internet without it, then read this article.

A short guide to get internet without Wi-Fi on the laptop

Here is the short guide to getting internet without Wi-Fi on the laptop.

Contact to the internet company for wired connection

At first, you need to contact your internet company for a wired connection. Ask them to provide you with a dial-up, DSL connection or cable broadband connection. After getting a connection, you will never receive Wi-Fi signals automatically on your laptop unless you get a Wi-Fi router.

Install wired connection

Now it’s time to connect wired connection. If you are confident about yourself, then set up the connection with the help of a company guide. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, then ask the company to send any specialist to do this task.

Connect modem

At this stage, you need to connect the modem to the internet source. As before, if you can do it yourself, do it by following the company’s instructions and connecting the modem with the source of DSL, cable, or broadband. Otherwise, call the specialist to make the dial-up connection.

Connect the modem with the router

The fourth step is to connect the modem with the router. You need a CAT5 cable to do it. But if you have a dial-up connection, then skip this step.

Connect the laptop to the router

The next step is to connect your laptop with the router. Again use CAT5 cable to connect the laptop with the router, But if you are not using the router, connect the CAT5 cable with the modem directly. One more point is that if you are using a dial-up connection, then use a telephone cord to connect the laptop with the router.

Install software

The next step is to install the software that comes from your internet into your laptop’s disk drive. Watch the video, in which you have on-screen instructions, follow them, and set up your internet connection. For more articles related to laptops you can also visit this website.


Question: Can I use the internet on the laptop via a mobile hotspot?

 Answer:  Yes, you can use the internet on your laptop via a mobile hotspot. Just connect your laptop to the mobile hotspot, same as you do with smartphones, and use it as a router.

 Question: Using an internet stick is safe or not?

 Answer: Yes, it’s completely safe. You can use it by inserting a 3G or 4G internet card at a reasonable price.

 Question: How can I get free Wi-Fi signals?

 Answer: There are many ways to look for free Wi-Fi signals. You can catch signals from public Wi-Fi routers. Connect the laptop with the mobile hotspot. There are many Wi-Fi apps available to boost Wi-Fi signals.

Hopefully, now you have an idea of how to get internet on a laptop without Wi-Fi. So follow instructions to get internet on the laptop. Also, take benefit from the short guide.


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