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How to Improve Your Home Security?

Your home is your castle. Therefore, it should have the much-required protective features. Since you keep all your valuables at home; hence burglars love to invade private properties and loot their valuables. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to keep your house safe from thieves and trespassers. Unless you turn your house into a forest or settle underwater, it is impossible to keep thieves and burglars away.

The advancement in technology has also made barging in the houses for thieves also easier. Even if you have bar windows, they can cut the bars using battery-powered angle grinders. Therefore, you have to make things harder, so the burglars do not bother wasting their time trying to trespass your house. Here, we mention a few points that can help you in improving your home security.

Install Secure Locks

Most houses have wooden doors that are equipped with Yale locks. Unfortunately, the Yale locks have only 2 or 3 screws drilled in them; hence they are easier to break in and loot the house. Therefore, you need to install security locks for all your entry doors and windows. Make sure the locks you use are strong, preferably digital

Ensure to change the locks of your house if you have bought a new house. No matter what the seller says, you should change the locks even if they are new. You never know who might get hands on the old lock keys. If you need any support on the best locks and which lock you should install in your home, then contact us today. We will help you decide the best lock under your budget.

Install an Alarm System

One of the best ways to keep burglars away from trespassing and loot your property is by installing an alarm system. Interestingly, you do not necessarily need to install an existing alarm system; you can also put fake boxes and devices to make burglars think that you have an alarm system and they do not have a chance here.

When you install a simple alarm system, you can prevent many thefts. Additionally, if the alarm system is up-to-date and maintained, you also qualify for discounts on your home insurance. Even if the alarm system fails in keeping the burglars out, it surely acts as a deterrent.

Limit Access to your House

You are giving limited access to your property in another way to prevent burglaries. You can grease or paint the downpipes with special slippery paint to prevent the trespassers from climbing them. They will not be able to use it, either way, to climb or to come down.

Another way to be aware if someone has entered your property is by listening to the sound of the gate opening up. If the hinges of your main gate need oiling, don’t do it. The mailman or other people may be disturbed by it. But it is a very good sign to know that someone has entered your property.

Use Hedges and Thorny Shrubs as Barriers

Fences, walls, and chain link fencing work as an effective barrier; however, adding extra security never goes wrong. You can choose to top them with barbed wires, thorny shrubs and broken glass pieces to ensure high-end security for your property. In addition, chain link fencing is easier to trespass as it can be cut using a pocket bolt cutter

Therefore, hedges are a better and secure option to go for. However, many shrubs and trees are adorned with thorns that can be too tedious for the trespasser to cut their way through. If you do not want to go for thorny hedges, you can grow thorny climbing roses and briars. Then, train them across the wall to secure all the entry gates from trespassers.

Hide the Valuables

As a safety rule, make sure to keep all the valuables, such as jewellery, money, smartphones, laptops, TVs, etc., away from the site. It would be best to place the TV where it is not directly visible from the window or main door.

Avoid keeping expensive jewellery and other items near the window; even if you keep them locked in a box, the box should be inside your wardrobe or a safe. Ensure to keep the leys safe. Please do not keep them at obvious places like under the doormat or near the mailbox. Also, only keep a copy of the house key with someone who you can trust.

Final Words

Keeping your security is your responsibility. Therefore, add as many extra securities as you can to keep the burglars away. Ensure that whenever you share the house key with some, you do not share any passwords or keys to the wardrobe or safe kept at your home. If your neighbour says they have lost the key, you should get the locks changed. Stay very alert with the security of your house and property.

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