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How to Incorporate Effective Feng Shui to Home Office for Greater Productivity

Feng Shui is popular and trending because of its balance in any space. The Chinese words “Feng” mean “wind” while “Shui” means “water.” The concept arises from how human life is connected to the environment.

The Feng Shui is used to set up the office, bringing good energy flow and better output. According to this theory, many designers design offices, and the outcomes are appreciable.

So let’s have a brief look at Feng Shui and how you can bring it to your home office.

What Is Feng Shui?

The ideology of feng shui is a technique of placing the elements in a room to construct harmony with the natural world.

The objective is to harness energy forces and establish peace between people and their surroundings. It brings in positivity and keeps away all the obstructions that minimum balance and productivity.

The Desk Setup

To implement the beautiful principle of Feng Shui, you have to position your desk at a power position. The best ways are:

  • The best way is to place your desk facing the door. The desk shouldn’t align with the door; it can be placed diagonally. It gives you a clear view of the visitors, and makes everything accessible.

According to the principle, this is known as the best power position, which lets you have a harmonious balance with every room element.

  • Due to space restraints, it’s not always possible for the home office to have a door-facing position desk. In such a case, you can place your desk facing nature.

Nature means it can be in front of natural light: windows. This also boosts your productivity and creates a good energy flow.

  • Also, you can give yourself a view and hang some wall arts that are inspiring and remind you of your goals. For example, if you can’t place the desk facing a window or door, you can turn a wall art of beautiful landscapes or mountains to create an escape.


  • If all the setups fail, you can position your desk such that the door is behind your back. Then, to minimize the rushing energy, place a mirror in front of you to view the entry.

Incorporate Inspiring Decor

The inspiring and motivating elements create a visual impact and cut the bad vibes. So, explore motivational office wall arts like a premium canvas in the range of wall arts.

The canvas is one of the best options as they are available in all sizes and styles with excellent illustrations. In addition, they are affordable and ready to hang.

Add Vital Greenery




Greenery is very vital for maintaining the feng shui principle. Add sufficient plants in beautiful ceramic pots on the corner of the room. Also, add greenery near the window. Add plant wall hangings. It purifies indoor air and showers good vibes.

Bring Energy and Light in

Bring natural light in with extensive window treatments to create energy flow. The natural light regulates the sleep cycle, helps focus more, and keeps negativity aside.

Go for double curtains, which are sheer in the daytime and blackout at night. Also, install abundant intensity light for the night, which has warm natural shade.

Address Clutter and Storage in a Smart way

The most rejuvenating effect of the principal is to clear clutter. The desk must be organized with essentials. Hideaway all the cords and invest in vertical storage. Sore your paperwork digitally and keep everything as tidy as you can.

Let’s Wrap it

The Feng Shui method of bringing balance, energy flow, and positivity into the office is crucial for increasing productivity. It’s also convenient and thoughtful and instantly brings good vibes into the office.

So, reconsider your setup and arrange it according to the principle. For example, get rid of clutter, add lots of natural elements, wall arts and position your desk in a commanding position.

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