How to Live Stream a Wedding

f you want to keep the wedding ceremony, reception, or live event live, you need to cover the 3 main things that broadcast live:

1. Your video source
2. Your audio source
3. Your direct chain tool

There are many different ways to install live streaming, but they all come down to these 3 basic things. We will go over 3 different live series setups that you can use. Depending on the quality of your wishes, your budget, and your technical knowledge, you can choose the wedding and ceremony setting that is right for you.

The beauty of this method is how easy it is to design and create. No need to buy fancy stuff, no training, just pull out your phone, open Facebook and click “Live”. It’s easy to Wedding Live Streaming on Facebook Live, and it’s free, which is great. And if you’re confused about getting married live on your phone, there are lots of tutorials on Facebook Live Streaming on YouTube!

1. Any external microphone does not mean that your phone uses its internal microphone, it means that you have to turn off the speaker for good sound. This means that unless your phone is only 1-2 feet away, it will be very difficult to hear what the bride and groom are saying. If you’re away from home on a windy day, you may see the bride and groom getting married, but you probably won’t hear anything. Fortunately, this problem is really very simple and cheap, because we will talk about it in a second.

2 Although the phone’s camera is improving, automatic configuration for phone video means you have no control over the image. If the sky is clear in the background, the bride and groom can be so dark that you can’t even see their faces.

Of course, there are some warnings for live broadcasts. Broadcasting the event live means that the couple must remember that the event was broadcast in real-time and cannot be censored. The world, or at least part of the world, is watching. If you’re moving directly, you’ll want to limit open bars. And if you want to rock the dress, make sure your girlfriends know-how. We don’t have to be dirty clothes.

Straightening is risky, so be sure to tap.

Pure marriage

The basis of net marriages is not just a direct chain of marriage, but “marriage preparation”. All staff, including the production manager / technical director, sound engineer, various camera operators, and optional host/presenter, perform the event live. This series has unlimited viewers.
What did Couples who want to stay true to their roots by hiring local providers can contact their photographer or videographer to get the services of the surroundings directly. Some professional photographers may offer this event as part of a wedding package or suggest companies that offer services in your area.

Ultimate DIY

Not interested in hiring a professional? Go back to the old ways and do it yourself. A direct connection requires an Internet connection, preferably of a high definition. Camera, a microphone to amplify the audio of the captured sound, and the site hosting the live broadcast. An alternative is to use a periscope to run the show and tweet the link on the guest list. Make sure the list is private, so there are no marriages around the world. Or go for a massive scandal and share it with the world! Couples can also create a private YouTube channel to watch and watch their wedding live.

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