Is it safe to play real money slots online if based in New Zealand?

New Zealand is not usually a country associated with a passion for gambling, and even though it doesn’t make it in the top five of the nations that most love to gamble in the world, a fair few New Zealanders do like a bet on sports, or they like to spin the reels of slot machines or pokies as they are commonly referred to by Kiwis.

Like most other countries, New Zealand has experienced a large increase in the number of people playing free spins no deposit UK slots. This has especially been the case since slots moved online, thanks to the invention of the internet. The reasons for an increase in the uptake of this form of gambling have been mainly put down to the privacy and convenience of online gaming. Here the public is in control of their environment, and they can even play slots on the go, courtesy of smartphones.

Changing Times

As with many countries in the world, the increase in gambling has created new problems that have needed new solutions to be discovered and applied to modern society. In New Zealand, the ever-changing gambling climate led to the creation of the New Zealand Gambling Act 2003.

The purpose of this act was to regulate all types of gambling more tightly. It was the government at the time that introduced this act, and its responsibilities include the prevention of under aged gambling. Other priorities are the enforcement of responsible gambling and the prevention of social and financial harm from betting. The redistribution of profits from gambling to good causes within communities is also overseen by this body.

The New Zealand Gambling Commission

Another major player in the regulation of gambling in New Zealand is the NZ Gambling Commission and which oversees the issuing of licenses to online casinos in this country alone. They also set out the criteria that are needed to be met by all potential gambling operators within New Zealand. This organization is also in charge of appeals and disputes.

Player Safety

Despite the presence of these two highly influential entities, New Zealanders should still be cautious before they register with online slot sites and begin to play with real cash. The wisest thing to do is to make sure that the casino of your choice abides with the Gambling Act 2003 and the easiest way to do this is to check if the slot site is licensed and regulated by the New Zealand Gambling Commission.

Only then can you be assured that you are playing with your hard-earned cash in a secure and safe environment. Not only is your money and banking information safe and secure, but also the games that you choose to spin have also been tested by a third party for fairness. If you win and the casino doesn’t pay up, then the dispute can be escalated further by contacting the commission. If casino sites have not been granted a license by this professional body, then they should be avoided because it is not a safe place for real money wagering.

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