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LPG Gas for Home Use

LPG, also popular as Liquified Petroleum Gas or Propane, is used for commercial and residential kitchens to cook, boil water, or run barbecues. It is also replacing chlorofluorocarbons as an aerosol propellant and refrigerant to reduce the ozone layer damage. LPG is derived by refining natural gas and petroleum, ideally during the extraction of natural gas.

LPG or propane is usually supplied in cylinders and bottles in liquid form. The bottles are filled only 80-85% of their capacity. The left-out space allows the thermal expansion of the liquid. In this post, we will understand how and why LPG is used at home

LPG for Cooking

One of the most popular uses of LPG for homes is for cooking. Apart from gas cooktops and ovens, gas barbeques are also very popular in many areas. LPG is an economical gas and provides many other benefits. Therefore, people prefer using LPG over electric ovens. LPG for cooking is supplied in cylinders available in different weights such as 45 Kgs. Ideally, a 45 KG cylinder lasts a year.

For Barbeque purposes, the LPG Gas Bottle is available in 4kg and 9kg dimensions. Many people also use the small LPG gas bottles for camping purposes, where they cook for themselves or heat water as per their requirements. Another advantage of using LPG for cooking gas is the instant shift from high to low flame without waiting for any element to heat up or cool down. Additionally, the reduced use of electric appliances such as ovens and heaters also reduce energy bills.

LPG for Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems that use gas as fuel are very popular in Australian regions. It is because they are effective and a great way to make hot water available on demand. There are two types of hot water systems; one that heats and stores the water in a tank and the other that heats the water instantly without any need for a storage tank. LPG is used as a fuel in both these systems. People mostly use instant water heaters so they do not waste any energy on heating standing water.

Why is LPG or Propane a Great Option for Your Home?

LPG is used for home because:

It is Efficient

LPG is a very efficient gas. It is full of energy-rich fuel and a raised caloric value compared to other burning materials like coal, natural gas, etc. In simple words, LPG burns hotter than other gases and fuels. Therefore, it provides the worth of money spent on it by providing better heating capacity for cooking or heating systems.

It is Portable

LPG gas is a very good source of high conventional fuel. Hence, it is packed in gas cylinders as compressed liquid gas and delivered to homes. It is highly portable. Available in many sizes, people can also use it for camping and picnics. As LPG is compressed in cylinders and bottles, it is easier to store in homes. People keep the cylinders in low-temperature rooms away from direct sunlight. LPG service providers offer refill and exchange services for used, damaged and empty cylinders. ‘

It provides Better Control

It provides Better Control

LG is easy to control while cooking. The instant-on and off activation with the twist of a knob offers easy control over overcooking. In addition, people can set the flame intensity to regulate the needed heat for cooking. Additionally, LPG stoves emit less heat than any other cooking device such as microwaves and ovens. Thus, it keeps the temperature in the kitchen unaffected.

It is Environment-Friendly and Cost-Effective

LPG cylinders and burners are made with high-quality material, and they need less maintenance. A thorough service once in a year or two shall be enough. In comparison to other forms of fuels, LPG is pocket-friendly and easily available. Additionally, LPG emits the least greenhouse gas from all the available fossil fuels.

Final Words

To summarize, using LPG for home is a great idea. It is preferred in most parts of the world. Apart from being economical, it is also portable, making it available to even the most interior areas. Using it for cooking or simply heating water is the most environmentally friendly fuel available in the market.

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