Money Saving Apps for Students

The first two weeks after your monthly salary, you live like a king. You go shopping, order meals, and go for hangouts with friends. However, the weeks following that, you wonder if ice could be substituted for a meal. The root cause behind this problem is the failure to manage finances.

Of all the education that your university provides, it does not give you a crash course in being an adult, so you might struggle with budgeting or saving money. However, you are not alone. This is the story of every student all around the globe. Considering this, the following applications have been built to help people like you in protecting their money and it is considered as money-saving apps for students. So, hire the best dissertation writing services UK, and explore your options stress-free!

ATM Locator

A machine that charges you to access your own money is just a devil in disguise. When you are on a student budget, you are not well off enough to pay for such luxuries. Hence, it is crucial for you only to use ATMs that perform the transaction, free of cost.
ATM locator is an application, available for Android users, that directs you in the direction of an ATM that does not charge for a transaction. With this app, you can save and invest money wisely. Additionally, this application works all over the world, so if you make another financial error and go on a spontaneous trip to another country, you can still save up on the ATM fee.


Have you ever bought something, shown it to a friend, and heard them say that they saw it being sold at a much cheaper rate somewhere else? Do you want to avoid the guilt that follows an impulsive purchase? Idealo is the best application for that! This application is made available for both iPhone and Android devices.

You can use it to save money on shopping by checking whether the item you want to buy is available at the most reasonable price. When you find an irresistible object, you can use the Idealo app to scan the barcode of the product. The application will search the database to see if any other retailer is selling the same product for a lower price. With this app, you will know that you are investing in the right amount.


If you are rich enough to own and drive a car as a student, make sure you do not turn into a peasant overnight. Avoid paying the expensive parking fee with applications like Parkopedia. Parkopedia is a mobile application, available for both iPhone and Android users, that allows you to locate all the free parking areas within your vicinity. So, no matter where you are, you no longer have to pay an extra sum for parking your car.

Big Oven

This food and money-saving app will transform your life. Big Oven is a cooking application that comprises over 350,000 recipes that can help you make a gourmet meal at home. Additionally, it has a leftovers option, through which you can add all the ingredients you have leftover from the food you ordered, and the application will tell you how to make a tasty meal out of it. This application is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Managing money on your own is never easy, especially when you have never done it. So, take the assistance of the money-saving apps for students mentioned above, and make university life an easy journey for yourself.

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