Moving Up in the Mortgage Banking World

If you have been active in the mortgage banking industry and are looking for a position with additional responsibility and improved compensation, consider becoming an originating branch manager. In this role, you’ll basically be operating an entrepreneurial venture where you help drive revenue and sales and create a successful ongoing flow of business.

An individual in this position is responsible for managing and directing the branch sales activities, providing consistently high levels of customer service, and generating quality loans. You will manage a team of outside loan officers and must make sure that all regulations and policies are followed. As you lead the branch, you’ll be expected to pursue partnership opportunities and develop strong, connected business relationships. To achieve your revenue goals, you can leverage key tools and programs that are provided.

Marketing Tools and Resources

In today’s world, it takes a lot of marketing resources to create compelling messages that can reach your prospects and keep future customers engaged. You’ll need substantial support, including a marketing team that can help you with design requests and can create campaigns. CRM systems should also be available so you can craft automated journeys to guide and nurture both referral partners and clients.

Ideally, social media strategies and proactive lead generation should also be part of the offerings. Additionally, look for automated systems that help you deliver instant marketing kits for home listings, flyers for open houses, and targeted social content. You should also be able to monitor customer satisfaction along the way.

Specialized Transition Team

To help you make the leap from where you are to this new opportunity as an originating branch manager you will need a transition team that is dedicated to helping you move without any interruption in your existing pipeline. With this help, you’ll be able to close your current portfolio of pending loans without any problem at all.

Trusted advisors should be there to support you and remove any roadblocks to you being able to successfully sell. You will want to be able to get their assistance on difficult deals or have them help find solutions for more complex loans so that things keep on track and let you bring the business in.

Streamlining the Loan Process

The loan process has a lot of moving parts, and it pays to have a system in place that streamlines the process and keeps everything moving toward a successful closing. A top-notch digital system, with an intuitive interface, should help guide clients along the way. This cross-device software supports clients who want to navigate the process themselves but also lets you guide the process if that makes sense. Read more about What are the different types of debt?

Automated follow-ups and reminders should be integrated into the system and help keep things on track. Ideally, documents can be uploaded directly and any decisions that need to be made would be highlighted. The result would be a simplified process that moves clients quickly from application to approval and funding and lets your team focus on generating business instead of administrative tasks.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to build your own business and team, think about becoming an originating branch manager. You’ll be able to leverage your entrepreneurial and leadership skills to create a group that can excel in the marketplace.


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