Planning to conceive: How to increase the chances of pregnancy?

If you are trying to get pregnant or thinking about having a baby, you might feel a lot of excitement and anticipation, and you should! Once you are ready to get pregnant, you should consult a gynecologist and get your pre-conception check-up.

Timing is everything when it comes to conceiving. It is essential to ensure that the timing is right, and the good news is that there are some additional techniques you can use to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Conceiving may take time, so you should not be disheartened or hopeless. There are 15% to 25% chances of conception for a healthy woman every month. It takes you a few months or even a year after you start trying, so be patient.

4 Ways to get pregnant faster

If you are looking to get pregnant, there are a few steps that may help you conceive faster:

1.      Monitor Ovulation:

People around you probably made it sound like you can get pregnant any time you have sex, but it is more complicated than its sounds. Ovulation, also known as the fertile window, usually occurs two weeks after your period but can vary depending on whether your cycle is regular. During ovulation, the mature egg releases from your ovaries and goes down your fallopian tube, and it can stay there for twelve to twenty-four hours. It is vital to have sex during your fertile window because your chances of conceiving are the highest at that time. Once the sperm enters the fallopian tube after intercourse and can result in pregnancy. You can calculate your fertile window by counting the days after your periods so that you can increase sex frequency during this time. If your cycle is irregular, it can be hard to calculate your ovulation days. If that is the case, you may have to look out for symptoms of ovulation, which are changes in vaginal secretion and basal body temperature. You can also use an ovulation kit to check if you are ovulating.

2.      Adopt a healthy lifestyle:

Working towards a healthy weight increases the chance of pregnancy. It is necessary for both males and females as fertility can depend on both genders. Staying fit and active boosts your fertility and general health and paves the way for a healthy pregnancy. Putting on extra weight reduces the probability of pregnancy, as it can disturb the menstrual cycle and egg quality. An unhealthy lifestyle in men can lower sperm count and motility. You can achieve your goal by making some changes in your daily life. A healthy and balanced diet and some physical activity can lead to a healthier weight and lifestyle. It can be challenging to lose weight, but losing even a few kilos can make a big difference.

3.      Quit smoking:

Smoking and drinking are not advantageous for overall health. When trying to conceive, smoking can adversely impact fertility in both men and women. It reduces the chances of conception, harms eggs and sperm, and damages DNA. If you smoke, reduce or try to quit it if you are planning a pregnancy. It will not only raise the chances of conceiving and also make you feel better health-wise

4.      Don’t worry about the position:

There are many misconceptions when it comes to conception. Some say that certain positions can increase your likelihood of conceiving, which is rarely true. Some of these myths are trying different postures, such as keeping hips elevated after sex for a while. Sperm will reach the egg if everything is fine, no matter what position you choose for having sex.


A healthy couple will conceive within a year of actively trying to get pregnant. If you do not get pregnant within a year and are under age 35, you should consult a gynecologist in Karachi. Couples with a lot of miscarriages should visit their doctor to know if they have a genetic or any medical condition which may affect their fertility. It can be challenging to conceive, so try to be patient. Try to keep yourself stress-free, healthy, and positive. Doing these things will help you a lot and can help you get pregnant faster.

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