Advantages and uses of Precast concrete piles

A pile is usually made of concrete and its shape is like a long cylinder. It is pushed in the ground; it is used to support the structure built on top of it. Piles are used where there is a weak layer of weak soil on the surface. Piles are also made of wood, concrete, or steel. Precast concrete piles are also known as displacement piles. These are cheap piles. It is the most famous and worldwide used foundation method.

It is the fastest methodology and also cheapest piles after wooden piles. Precast concrete piles are the strongest concrete piles which are come in various shapes. They could be in circular, rectangular, square, or octagonal shapes. Precast Concrete piles have high residence; their key advantage is high vertical pile load. On the basis of designs on a building basis, the permissible capacities for the concrete piles are from 125 to 750 kips per pile. There are two types of precast concrete piles which are as follows. Read more about the Importance of safety at the workplace.

  • Driven precast concrete piles
  • Bored precast concrete piles

Advantages of precast concrete piles:

  • The key benefit of precast concrete piles is that they are packed close with solid. It enhances the bearing capacity of the soil.
  • These piles are available in different sizes, shapes, and lengths.
  • Because of different shapes and sizes, it enhances the speed of work.
  • Precast concrete piles are cheap and suitable piles.
  • These piles are resident to the biological and chemical action from the subsoil.
  • Minimal soils – great for Brownfield sites
  • Pile capacity depends on every pile.
  • Mechanical Splices provide faster installation and minimal waste.
  • The precast concrete piles can also be driven underwater
  • It is not affected by the groundwater.

Uses of precast concrete piles:

There are many uses of precast concrete piles which are as follow;

Sill Precast concrete piles are preferred and use at a large scale in many industries. These piles are most seen in the building of a permanent, durable foundation. It is still in demand because of its fabulous capacity. It’s a versatile option. These piles can be connected to other piles to make longer piles. This is a basic region where these piles are used. We can make the length according to our needs by splicing these piles together.

Precast concrete piles cropper:

Many piles of croppers are available in the market. But if you are looking for the best quality cheap precast concrete piles croppers, then NPC croppers are the best option for you. You can hire them at a very affordable price. Every cropper of NPC is made of high-quality material. If you hire piles of croppers from MPC it will reach any site in the UK. And after reaching your site the experienced technicians will fit the cropper with your machine & also give you advises, that how to operate them perfectly. For hiring a cropper contact NPC (National Piles Croppers). The precast cropper piles are;

  • Single bar piles cropper
  • Dual bar piles cropper
  • Multibar piles cropper
  • Power piles cropper

Contact number = 03300 240 247

Email =

After finish your works for off-hiring the cropper contact NPC again. They provide you with 24/7 croppers support.

User Guidance:

  • Always cut precast concrete piles from the top, not from any other position on the pile.
  • NPC recommended a saw cut be etched at finish level to prevent fractures below.
  • Always move to a safe distance once the cropper has been positioned over the pile.
  • Use a machine capable of carrying the cropper plus excess pile.
  • Don’t overload chain or cropper.
  • Don’t cut more piles than advised above.

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