Review Top 10 Best Free War Games for iPhone [2022 Updated]

Here are the 10 best free war games for iPhone 2022. The majority of these games are completely free, while others charge $0.99, which is a small amount compared to the thrill that the players enjoy.

1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

This is a tower-defense strategy game that hit the market way back in 2013. However, this game has been improved by the developers with new features that help make it interesting and worthy of more playtime.

2. Plants vs Zombies

Although this free download game has in-app purchases, it’s an interesting thing. This is where the dead rise and you have a vast arsenal that you should use to defend your home. There are varied kinds of zombies that you will need to work very hard defending before they break into your home and start eating your brains.

3. Boom Beach


This is among the free war games for iPhone users, and which can be downloaded by anyone. It’s a strategy game that anyone can play for free. There are incremental upgrades that allow you to build your offensive and defensive capabilities.

4. Kingdom Rush


The price is $0.99 and has some in-app purchases. It’s quite fun, while the graphics are nice to the eye. This single-player tower defense strategy game is one of the popular games that have been developed by Ironhide Game Studio and published by Armor Games.

5. Clash of Clans


This strategic and multi-player game for iOS and Android makes it possible for you to build your tower, play with other players to declare war against them, and destroy their camps.

6. Plants vs Zombies 2


This strategy game is a sequel to the initial game that has appeared by that name. It’s a free game for everyone, and about having a casual adventure. It’s a downloadable game that doesn’t have an online or browser version and is free for 9-year-olds and above.

7. Dungeon Boss


This strategy RPG game for iOS and Android devices allows you to fight a battle of your life defending your dungeon against the aggressors. Come up with your team and it is best for those aged above 9 years.

8. Game of War – Fire Age


This free game allows you to fight massively while trying to ensure that you rule the kingdom. This action-strategy game is incredibly popular and has since been translated into 32+ languages.

9. Kingdom Rush Origins


This fantasy action defense game by Ironhide Game Studio is available as a free download, but there is no web version.  Immediately you download it, you can start playing it. Its graphics are excellent and if lucky, the magical theme that the game offers may get you the magic that you yearn for.

10. Great Little War Game


This is a unique war game that allows you to deal with fighters that are highly strategic in their fights. You will find it to be hilarious both online and offline.

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