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Sell Your Home in Texas in a Few Easy Steps

Selling a home in Texas might appear to be a tough job, especially when you want to avoid a listing agent and when high commission rates are a matter of concern. However, this guide will offer you tips on how to get cash for homes Texas will ease out the job for you!

1. The Right Time

We often feel there is no such thing as the right or perfect time to sell our house. In reality, it is quite the opposite! In Texas, the best month to sell the house by the owner in June. Texas is no doubt a great market in terms of real estate. You might want to keep a watch on interest rates as a rise in the rates may impact buyer demand.

2. The Right Pricing

It is crucial to give the right price to your property. Note that the list price is not the sale price of the property. The purpose of a list price is to get the attention of the buyers. You must ensure that you do not underprice or overprice the listing price!

Underpricing would bring in loads of offers, and you would opt for the highest offer or negotiate! Overpricing would not get you many offers, and you would drop your price. Either way, you will sell your home at the market price!

If you opt for the “sell house by owner” option, you could go for a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to get an idea of what goes into selling a home in Texas.

3. The Right Method

When it comes to selling a home in Texas, you will come across numerous ways to do so. You can save thousands if you opt for the right method!

  • Sell House by Owner

You can avoid the realtor commissions by opting for “Sell House by Owner,” where no agent is involved. As a Seller, you will control the whole process, including paperwork. However, note that you might need assistance with negotiations, paperwork, etc., and for a “Sell House by Owner,” you are your own agent! Read more about Top discount real estate brokers in US – (2022)

  • Sell House by a Full-Service Agent

A full-service real estate agent can be hired to sell and get cash for homes in Texas, and they will take care of everything! Whether listing the property or even closing it; the agent will do it all for you for a commission of 2.5-3%. Additionally, the entire process will be quite slow due to the constant mediation between you, the agent, and the buyers. Texas’s real estate commission ranges between 5-6%!

  • Selling a Home in Texas using Listing services (Flat Fee MLS)

Another option comparatively better than the first two options is selling a home in Texas by listing your property on a top-notch website such as It helps you save on the commission to the listing agents in return for a listing fee. It gives you total exposure to various websites such as Zillow, MLS, Realtor, etc. High-tech websites like also offer other services you would require when selling a home in Texas.

  • Sell a Home using real estate brokers

You can get cash for homes in Texas by selling the property via other real estate brokers, e.g., a Flat Rate Broker, a Low Commission agent, or even a virtual broker. A Flat Rate Broker will handle every aspect of the sale of property, be it listing the property, or closing the deal, for a flat rate. A Low Commission Agent will get the job done for a low commission rate in contrast to the current rates. A Virtual Broker will complete the entire job online for you for a listing fee.

4. The Right Preparation

When you intend to sell a home in Texas, it has not to be prepared well but also needs a good strategy to market it. Some way to get your home ready is to get rid of all your belongings. Keep the house as spacious as possible. Also, get any repairs done beforehand and opt for a neutral color for the repaint. You can also hire a professional to set the house to make it more appealing. Also, make sure to update your HVAC system or get a new one.

5. The Right Show!

With the house all prepped up, it is time to put on a show and get maximum buyers! Irrespective of how you sell a home in Texas, i.e., through agents or selling the house by owner, you can conduct an open tour of the house or a virtual showing tool. Houzeo offers Houzeo Showings, which are quite helpful to sellers and buyers. They get the option to choose the slot when the property is available for a show. If you want to hold an open house, the best time would be on the weekends.

6. The Right Documents

Selling a home in Texas requires plenty of documentation. When you sell the house to the owner, you are in charge of the entire process, which could be hectic. Some documents required are the Texas Residential Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Deed, Bill of Sale, Certificate of Title, etc.

7. The Closure

This process is taken care of by an escrow or a title company. The legal aspects are handled by the agents. However, be sure to have a check done on the documentation and other legal aspects to ensure that there aren’t any disputes, issues, etc. Also, be aware of the expenses involved in a sale like home warranty, capital gains, transfer tax, survey fees, etc.

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