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Sponge mattress with odor is what happened? What to do?

A sponge mattress is a more common type of mattress, sponge mattress in the new purchase and long-term use may appear after the odor, exactly what is the odor of the sponge mattress? And then how to do it? Today by SweetNight sleep experts to answer you one by one.

The sponge mattress odor is what happened

1, Sponge mattress in the processing, will go through high temperature, elegant processing, will also produce taste, this is generally normal. The sponge layer of the mattress smell big reason, should be the sponge is not completely dry into production, the manufacturer also natural air dry a week to cut the production. This can be seen, this is the reason for the sponge layer taste.

Memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow material polyurethane is extracted from petroleum, other materials are sponge, adhesives, plastic, etc.. All these chemicals will have a certain smell.

2, Sponge mattress in the sponge material more voids, easy to absorb moisture, sweat, etc., which can easily lead to the sponge mattress breeding bacteria, mites and other microorganisms, resulting in the appearance of odor. If the sponge mattress breeding microbes will affect the user’s health.

The sponge mattress odor how to do

1, The newly purchased foam mattress before use to be ventilated for a period of time. New mattress residue caused by the odor, you can place the new mattress in a sunny and ventilated place, exposure for about a week or so, the odor will be able to eliminate most of the residual taste, only through the spray aromatic agent to cover up, but usually remember not to sleep during the bedroom doors and windows open, so that the odor emitted so as not to have an impact on health. The bedroom should also keep the air clear to exclude the smell; you can also use vinegar or coffee grounds to remove the odor.

2, If the sponge mattress breeding bacteria, mites lead to odor, the need for sponge mattress mite. First remove the sponge mattress sheets, take a thorough cleaning, and then take the vacuum cleaner, the surface of the mattress to clean. The vacuum cleaner has actually removed more than 85% of the mites and insect eggs. Then use baking soda evenly sprinkled on the surface of the mattress, rest for half an hour, so that not only can remove the odor can also kill mites. Baking soda through its high permeability, has let the fragile mites dehydrated and died. Sponge mattresses are cleaned every 3 months and do sunlight exposure, then turned over and used. This is effective in controlling mites.

When buying a mattress, you need to carefully identify the selection, because some poor product quality, if more likely to carry the smell. Sponge mattress odor is mainly the production process residual odor or breeding microbes two reasons. Therefore, the sponge mattress needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent mites, bacteria breeding. Quality Gel Memory Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US Certified Foams, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, Does Not Contain Fiberglass.

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