Stretch marks causes

Stretch marks are quite disfiguring and actually in something called Cushing syndrome just side effects of chronic of having to be on steroids for a long period of time for disease and is an unfortunate side effect of those medications but in addition to systemic steroids that you take like prednisone topical steroids can also consider in the list stretchmarks causes.

Risk Factors

it’s a side effect of prolonged you subtropical steroids particularly when the individual is using them on like say normal skin then the steroid doesn’t really have anything to do but wreak havoc and the risk is correlated with not only the potency of the topical steroid that the individual is using so you know the steroids that are sold over-the-counter like 1% hydrocortisone are much weaker and lower risk but it can still occur whereas claw bait is all another steroid cream is much stronger and much higher risk.

So, it’s the potency of the steroid in the cream itself and then the location on the body where the cream is being applied is another risk factor for the development of stretch marks so if the individual particularly is putting them in areas of the body that are under occlusion like in the armpits or in the groin area those are high-risk sites because they’re you know they’re kind of constantly under occlusion and can drive it into the skin a little bit better and just set the stage for stretch marks and then also the vehicle that the steroid.

The topical steroid can also increase the likelihood so if it’s an ointment meaning kind of the consistency of Vaseline then that is more likely to put the individual at risk of developing stretch marks with chronic unnecessary use of the cream of the ointment excuse me as opposed to cream but it can occur with any of them.

So, that’s why I always tell you guys you know follow up with your treating dermatologist because there are side effects associated with prescription and over-the-counter steroid creams and you know a lot of people buying steroid creams from online pharmacies and using them and self-treating stretch marks. This is a real risk you can develop disfiguring stretch marks.

Stretch marks constraints

You know preventing stretch marks are very hard as I will elaborate on everyone wants to know of course how to prevent stretch marks because the stretch marks are you know that genetic component, unfortunately, they’re very difficult to prevent and you know obviously rapid changes in weight are a predisposing factor that you know if you could try and avoid like crash dieting or rapid weight gain that can be difficult and you know I will underscore the fact that if you’re using a steroid cream make sure you follow up with your prescribing physician to make sure you’re not developing the side-effects and you’re using them appropriately and you know if it’s a disease you’re using them for a stop then you know they’re being weaned off appropriately so that you know you don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk for that side effect so that’s an important measure people swear up and down by all sorts of moisturizing creams like Shea butter, cocoa butter oils.

Final Remarks

Most of the people swear by it and say it works certain things work but all of the studies that we have we really can’t come up with anything that actually helps in preventing stretch marks so there have been some studies looking at cocoa butter and it doesn’t seem to make a difference but people swear up and down by cocoa butter as a preventative as a for stretch marks. Beware of such people.

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