Technology In The Office: Its Advantages And Disadvantages

What technology in the office? Using technology in the office is convenient, but it can come with its own set of drawbacks …Over the past few years, technology has changed the way we work a lot.Indeed, it is used in one way or another in all companies to accomplish specific tasks, to reduce human errors and to transmit information more quickly.

However, nothing is perfect and it happens that technologies have some negative effects at work. Here is a small list of their advantages and disadvantages …

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Technology enables better communication

Many firms use various communication technologies to change the way their engineers interact and communicate at work. Employees from different departments can use these tools to work in teams and organize remote meetings. In particular, it is possible to exchange information such as designs, projects and reports, and thus make collective work easier.

Technology enables better management

Technology at work can change the way managers work. Various software programs allow a better examination of candidate profiles and employee performance, or even better plan and monitor the progress of a project in real time.

Technology saves time

More and more processes are automated, resulting in better efficiency and greater productivity. The use of computers also allows faster corrections, faster storage and access to information. Finally, local networks (intranet) allow easier access to common company projects.

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Technology In The Office: Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Technology enables better mobility

Using the Internet and computers at work eliminates the time and space limitations required for efficiency. Indeed, some engineers can sometimes work anytime and anywhere, thus keeping control over their projects. In addition, tools like Skype allow you to participate in remote meetings, which saves a lot of time. Finally, mobile team management software provides access to real-time information without having to go to the office.

Technology encourages creativity

Engineers can use the many tools and software to create and advance innovative projects in the course of their work. It is even possible to use social networks and messaging to think together and use each other’s creativity to solve problems and create new things.

The inconvenient

Technology causes distraction

Access to the Internet can be a major source of distraction. Many employees go to social media or streaming sites during their work, which greatly reduces their productivity. Some companies have even managed to block access to certain sites. But these measures are not always very effective, since most of the employees have a smartphone or use “proxy” sites.

Technology is expensive

Not only is the installation of technological tools expensive, but also their maintenance. This is a problem for small businesses, which cannot always afford the costs.

Technology makes you lazy

Eh yes! Since technology can automate a lot of things in the office, some workers become lazy by not using their skills and creativity.

Technology affects relationships between colleagues

When everything is done by messaging or email, engineers don’t talk to each other as much face-to-face and their relationships suffer. As engineering is often a profession practiced as a team, it is therefore possible that these virtual relationships are harmful to the company.

Technology In The Office: Its Disadvantages

Technology carries risks

While it is convenient to store your data on the Internet, it can also be risky. Indeed, the use of technology opens the way to data loss, network dependence, and even hacking! The risk can even come from employees, who could inadvertently delete data or make it accessible to the public by mistake.

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