Ten Ugly Truths About Promote Youtube Video

YouTube video promotion is not as simple as you think it is. Promoting Youtube videos is time-consuming and no small matter. It will be nearly impossible to promote your video if you do not know the truth about YouTube promotion. Here are some of “the ugly truths” about YouTube promotion:

You need to take care of many things to promote YouTube videos.

The first step is to create your video. After that, you need to research the topics discussed in the video; You can promote the Youtube channel if it has a good number of views; otherwise, you will find it challenging to promote the video. Then, it would be best if you made the necessary changes according to the comment feedback after publishing the video.

You have to give a title that you think is appropriate but not always the best.

You should write a clear title because people will watch your video simply by reading it. Also, it may be the best YouTube promotion tip for those with a Youtube channel with few views or few subscribers.

You have to publish your videos at the right time.

Don’t ever think of publishing your video whenever you want it. First, check what is trending on YouTube and make a wise decision about the perfect time for posting your content. In this case, many tools or websites can help you make the right decision; however, you can also rely on your intuition or experience.

You need to choose the best tags for your videos.

YouTube video promotion without good tags is like a journey with no map; it will be a wrong decision. Make sure that the keywords are clear and straightforward to understand. Don’t ever use too much and too long keywords. Never use more than two tags that affect video ranking and views performance.

You have to start a campaign at the right time.

It would be best to start your campaign at the beginning or near the end of the week because it will help you promote youtube videos as much as possible. However, begin as early as possible since there are more people at the beginning of the week. Moreover, it would be best to start your campaign on a Tuesday or Wednesday to reach most audiences.

You have to contact as many people as possible.

You can contact your subscribers and all Youtubers who have related channels with you. Send them emails and convince them that you need their help. If possible, try to become their friends and ask them for a promotional method, such as sharing your video on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with a good description and a link to your video in the description section.

You have to join relevant groups

Join some groups related to your topic; those groups can help you drive traffic to your video and raise your view performance.

You have to start a new campaign every week

There is no perfect time for making a successful YouTube promotion; however, you can make the best of it by having different campaigns for each week. This will help you gain more views; you can also continuously learn from your previous mistakes to make better campaigns next week.

You have to create a strong relationship with other YouTubers

Try to communicate with other Youtubers related to your topic because it helps you improve video ranking, resulting in more views and subscribers. Try to share their videos on your social profiles, so they will surely do the same for you.

You have to stop a campaign if it does not work

If your video doesn’t get views as expected, try to change your campaign or try another channel. By doing this, you can find which channel is the right one for making successful YouTube promotions and learn from your experience.


You can learn these tips from your own experience, but if you are new to this job, you better ask someone who has more experience with YouTube promotion. These tips will not provide you with the exact numbers of views and subscribers, but they might improve your marketing campaign. However, many other valuable tools or websites for making good campaigns. Ensure that you are not copying these tips verbatim since most of them are copyrighted and against plagiarism law.

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