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The Case for More Anonymity in Media

A very big problem with the media industry in 2021 is that there is a huge conflict of interest that sits within the entire industry as a whole. A lot of the time with mainstream media outlets,  their focus becomes less about providing the content. Instead, they tend to exert their focus on providing content, or news, from a prejudiced, biased, point of view.

That is why more of their readers, viewers, and listeners have fallen out of love with the mainstream media. While becoming less interested in what the mainstream media has to offer, these same viewers, and audiences, have begun to turn their sights to alternate online platforms and web pages like The Doe. The Doe is an anonymous content provider and webpage that focuses less on any sort of pre-ordained narrative, and more on the subject matter of the content they are providing. The rise in popularity of The Doe, and others like it, has paved the way for anonymous content creators to take a seat at the media industry’s table.

Anonymity has proven to be a  powerful tool in content creation. Today, the internet, webpages, social media, and other digital platforms are all filled with anonymous content provides. They are all creating, writing, and publishing content to their millions of followers, who all tune in to hear what they have to say. Anonymous content providers have succeeded in taking a sizable share of the media industry pie. Mainstream media outlets have increasingly found themselves competing with anonymous content providers, oftentimes to try and corroborate their stories and information.

Surprising but true. A big case for anonymous content in media is the fine job they do at fact-checking, and verifying news stories from the mainstream media. Through anonymous en, these content providers are able to remove any sort of prejudice and bias from a story and solely present the facts and information at face value.

This sort of performance and activity bolsters the content creation and content sharing process. It gets the reader re-involved and achieves a trust the reader once had for the media industry.  In the process of reading news, sharing it, discussing it, readers are brought back into the content creation loop. It paves the way for discourse and allowing people to question the news they are reading, and try to poke holes in it, instead of just accepting it because the provider of the content is a “credible” source. That was the main issue with mainstream media, and that is an issue anonymous content may solve if seen all the way through.

The path to success for anonymous media is to continue to grow and be the solution to solving the media crisis suffered all over the world. Providing content that is newsworthy, valuable, and credible is what will help elevate anonymous content higher in the media industry. The path to success will be long and difficult, but not impossible, as more and more viewers tune in to what anonymous content providers have to say.

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