Things To Know Before Signing A Nursing Home Contract

There are times when everyone is busy in their work life and can not take care of their aged loved ones. Also, when everyone is at work, old people are alone at home, which is not a safe thing to do. Though, it is a good idea to get them admitted to a nursing home. Shifting your parents or loved ones to nursing homes is a tough job to do. Also, they will give you long detailed contract papers to sign.

You do not need to sign the contract paper right away. The better approach would be, after admitting your parents, to hire a Melbourne conveyancing lawyer. The lawyer will guide you about signing the contract papers.

However, in this article, we have listed some important things that you should know before signing a nursing home contract papers

Know What Services Are Included

Daily basic services should be mentioned in the agreement. You must be well aware of the basic services they are going to give your parents daily. Also, the charges for these services must be mentioned. For this, you better ask your parents about the services they want and include them in agreement papers with additional charges.


It should be mentioned in the agreement that if any accident or negligence happened to their employees while taking care of your parents, the nursing home will be liable for that.

You need to look at this point clearly in the contract papers. The prime reason for this is, some nursing homes use typical language to hide this point and do not take responsibility for any negligence. Therefore, you need to be careful while reading the paper, so that they do not limit the liability of the nursing home for any injury or negligence.

Rights Of Residents

This is the most important point to look for in the contract papers. The nursing home must provide a clear statement of all the resident’s rights they are going to give their parents. Some of the basics rights that a person living in a nursing home must have include:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Right to vote
  • Right to practice their religion
  • Right to have visitors
  • Right to receive emails or attend phone calls
  • Right to choose their physician

There are various other resident rights that nursing homes must have. You can ask your parents about the right they want to have and check if those rights are on paper or not.


Reading out nursing home contract papers while admitting your parents here is extremely important. As we mentioned above, first admit your parents and then consult any good Melbourne conveyancing lawyer to get a guide for signing contract papers.

Though, many nursing homes do not admit the person before signing papers. For this issue, you can talk to the lawyers first and discuss everything in detail and then admit your parents by signing the papers. Also, keep the above-mentioned points in mind while signing contract papers for nursing homes.

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