Verified Ice crushers and Shavers to save your time

With summer always just around the corner, people bring out their blenders to make smoothies, pina Coladas, margaritas, and anything tropical to kill the heat. But no drink is chilled enough without adding some ice, right? But who would go through all the trouble of crushing a huge chunk of ice to chill their drink? Of course, you won’t, your hands will go numb.

Leave this hand-freezing job to ice crushers and shavers! These smart tools will break and crush your ice into any size you please and will not splash out the beverage when being poured into a glass. These tools are a must-have and are sure to come in handy while making your different drinks.

Are ice crushers and ice shavers the same thing?

Not exactly. While ice crushers break your ice into smaller pieces just as you would using a towel and a rolling pin, an ice shaver uses a blade to produce snow-like ice from huge pieces of ice. Ice crushers produce babies of the huge ice and ice shavers produce something more like dry ice.

It all depends on what you are making and what kind of ice you need. If you are making a cold beverage on a hot day, you will use an ice crusher, while if you want to make a snow cone, you will opt for an ice shaver.

Where to find the best ice crushers and shavers?

There is a whole world of ice crushers and shavers manufacturing companies. But are they verified?

Global Sources provides you with verified ice crushers and shavers ranging in an affordable price range of US $3.0 to US $116.0. as ice crushers come in various sizes and shapes, Global Sources provides:

  • Electric automatic ice crushers
  • DIY ice shaving machine
  • Stainless steel cross Cocktail ice shaver
  • Electric ice crusher and chopper machine
  • Slushy ice shaver machine for slushes
  • Commercial-sized ice crusher
  • Small countertop ice makers
  • Household ice shavers
  • Ice shavers for smoothies
  • Hand tool ice crusher
  • Wholesale electric ice crusher
  • Mini hand-hold electric ice shaver
  • Ice crusher and chopper machine
  • Ice crusher and smasher machine
  • Ice crusher with stainless steel blade, 1-liter capacity, and coarse/fine ice crushing mechanism
  • 25-watt BPA-free ice crushers
  • Durable ice crushers and shavers
  • Automatic snow-cone ice shaver
  • 80-watt full-control automatic ice shaver
  • Double container ice shaver

Note that all these ice crushers and shavers are verified and highly durable.

When looking for an electric device, the first thing on the quality checklist is durability and performance. In second place comes the high or low quality of the item being bought and then comes whether the product is verified or not. All these characteristics are provided by Global Sources and can be checked out at global wholesale.


Summer is the longest season of the year which causes the ice trays and ice bowls to be always filled. But this ice is preferred in different forms and that is what ice crushers and shavers are used for.

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