What Is Backflow Incense?

Incense has a long and significant history in many parts of the world and has been used in religious and spiritual experiences for a long time. It is an exotic substance with multiple health and mental benefits. It pleases the mind, soothes the senses and is an aesthetic enhancer to any setting.

Visuals are no longer the single most important factor in today’s interior design projects. They cater equally to the sense of smell and feel now. Incense is one of the major substances used to serve our sense of smell.

Incense comes in various forms and styles, one of which is the backflow incense. There are specifically made gorgeous backflow burners and it is one of the most popular incense forms used at present.

What Is Backflow Incense?

Backflow as the name suggests means that the incense smoke flows in the backwards direction than it normally would. Normally the incense smoke moves upwards hence in backflow the incense smoke will flow in a downward direction. Normally, the smoke is directed downwards with the help of a hole and a designated downward path in backflow burners like backflow dragon or waterfall burners etc.

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How Backflow Incense Is Used

Backflow mechanism is mostly used in incense cones. The smoke is directed downwards through a hole in the middle of the cone and it produces a lovely and visually attractive effect. Like all other incense, these cones are made with combustible materials that produce scent when burnt. These are naturally aromatic substances like cinnamon, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli etc.

The cones also contain some sort of binding agent to hold the shape properly together in place. The ingredients are bound together but with slight gaps, because tightly packed together ingredients would not burn smoothly which is necessary for a lovely, wonderful scent.

Before we delve into how these backflow incense cones are used or burned, we need to sort out the things we will need for the process.

  • First one would be a lighter, a long one like a fireplace or grill lighter will be best because of ease and more safety.
  • Second option is obvious as it’s incense cones, they come in many lovely scents and you can pick any of your choosing.
  • Thirdly, you’ll need a burner specifically designed for backflow incense. There are ones that produce waterfall effects or let smoke fall through various ledges or tunnels.

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In order to burn the cone, take the lighter and burn the narrow side of the cone, which is also the top of the cone. Do not start burning the cone from bottom side because that will mess up the backflow effect. When atleast 1/4th of the cone has been lit flaming red, blow out the flame and place the cone on the burner with the narrow burning side on top, and let the aroma spread out.

Make sure you place the backflow incense cone over the designated part made to hold the cone on the burner so that the backflow effect can run smoothly and the smoke flows down properly through any tunnels or routes like it’s supposed to.

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