What makes sneakers popular in New Zealand?

The sneaker culture has spread like wildfire around the globe. What was only worn for sports and physical activities is now used for casual wear every day. It began with the growing need for athleisure, but later sneakers became a style statement, especially among sports enthusiasts. With a significant increase in the demand for all kinds of sneakers, its market has become one of the most profitable businesses globally. In 2020 the overall sneaker biz was valued at 79 billion USD approximately. The sneaker market is filled with numerous options from built, functionality, colour to comfort. But some trends make it to the edge of the world and become timeless. Such as the Nike Air force One in NZ is one of the most popular sneakers.

The people of New Zealand are great enthusiasts of sneakers because of the sub-tropical climatic conditions and outstanding work-life balance. It provides enough room for people to venture out in nature and explore. It makes New Zealand a hotspot for sneaker brands to expand their business.

Sneakers are the most popular among New Zealanders because of various reasons.

Comfort is the key factor

People are beginning to prioritize comfort over fashion. The change is evident in the fashion and corporate industry, where people have started shifting from uncomfortable footwear to comfortable sneakers even in ramp walks and offices. The athleisure trend continues to grow in various sectors with new innovative ideas and collaborations.

Great scope of physical activity

The landscape of New Zealand provides its people with different adventurous opportunities like hiking, mountaineering, trekking, etc. Sneakers are the best option for those living in a habitat like that since they can be used for almost any physical activity.

An assortment of colours is available

The sneaker designers have started giving great importance to the colour theory and the meanings of different colours before designing shoes for consumers. People buy shoes based on the colour that appeals to their personality more. For example, the pastel shades represent calmness, and the vibrant colours represent passion and action. Based on these associated meanings, sneaker brands design their shoes in accordance with the purpose of the shoes.

These brands also tend to experiment with different themes like neons, music, animal patterns, etc. Colours make the sneakers more special, especially for enthusiasts who like to collect shoes. However, the classic white has maintained its popularity among all sneakers since decades from their arrival. When it comes to white sneakers, people who focus on durability, comfort, timelessness, and minimalism are more inclined towards purchasing them. It is because white sits well with all the colours in your palette. For example, the Nike Air Force One in NZ was the best seller in 2020. Read more about Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Running shoes.

Cultural Statement

In a small country like New Zealand, people often have similar interests and tend to gather together for events that talk about their interests. In a sneaker event, a sneaker collector claimed that in New Zealand, people coming from all backgrounds and ages love sneakers. It is more like a cultural statement than a fashion statement for New Zealanders. They gather together and celebrate everything.

The passion for sneakers is not only growing in New Zealand, it is also growing on a fast face in almost every country throughout the world, be it in the east or the west.

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