Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

While expert level WordPress users can easily handle many tasks, if you want to stay out of the technical weeds and focus on running your business, it makes a lot of sense to use a managed WordPress hosting service. Here are the benefits and costs of managed hosting services. We’ll also discuss the time and money you can save. And of course, security. Read on to learn more. If you’re new to WordPress, consider managed WordPress hosting.

Cost of managed wordpress hosting

The cost of managed WordPress hosting varies from $10 per month to $300 or more a month. The price largely depends on the amount of storage and speed you need for your website, as well as the number of WordPress installations allowed on the server. For example, a photography website needs a single WordPress installation, along with decent speed and storage, as images take longer to load than simple text. Managed WordPress hosting is not necessary for people who are capable of managing their own website, though it is often cheaper than Shared Hosting.

Features of managed wordpress hosting

What are the features of managed WordPress hosting? Unlike shared hosting, which is generally unreliable, managed WordPress hosting is specifically designed to run WordPress sites. It is faster, has optimized performance, and features dedicated WordPress experts who can troubleshoot and trouble-report any issues with your site. Managed hosting includes content delivery networks, daily website backups, enhanced security, and transferable installs. A central dashboard will allow you to control all of your sites from a single interface.

Time savings

In this day and age, time is money. In the digital space, a single second can make or break a customer’s loyalty. Managed WordPress hosting eliminates much of the manual effort involved in maintaining a website. Companies such as Pressable specialize in WordPress hosting and have tons of advantages over the competition. The following are a few of those advantages. Listed below are a few of the reasons to use managed WordPress hosting.


Choosing a managed WordPress hosting service provider will give you peace of mind and better security than a DIY VPS. This type of service will install a firewall that blocks known exploits, block phishing attempts, and limit access attempts, which will greatly reduce the success rate of distributed denial of service attacks and brute force attacks. They also have systems in place to prevent malware attacks and other threats from affecting your site. A managed WordPress hosting service provider will have daily backups and will also have a comprehensive security system.


Managed WordPress hosting offers many advantages over shared hosting. Not only does a managed host provide better performance, but its technicians also specialize in the WordPress platform. This means that they can more efficiently solve database problems, troubleshoot plugin installations, and maintain your website. However, managed hosting is not for everyone. If you’re planning to use your website for commercial purposes or if you need to have it up and running quickly, consider managed hosting.

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