Why Prefer Offset Quadrant Shower Tray?

Offset Quadrant Shower Trays are suitable for bigger shower cubical with a long side and same rounded curve front side. As this tray covers more area, it improves your shower experience. These are longer than quadrant shower trays. These work best with hinged or sliding shower doors. Offset quadrant shower tray are available in left or right fitting types. 

Here we have discussed why prefer offset quadrant shower trays?

Perfectly Complements the Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures. 

Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures perfectly complements the similar shower enclosures. However, choose not to use shower trays. Yet, shower trays have their own functional and aesthetic value. It is always good to have a firm place for standing so you don’t slip over on the floor. That is what one of the benefit shower trays can offer.

  • Safety and Better Water Drainage. 

      Offset quadrant shower enclosures have a sturdy non-slippery surface. That makes them a safer option than a floor, which might become slippery. That is especially suitable for the elderly who have less mobility. In addition to that, offset quadrant shower enclosures quickly dry compared to the floor surface. Another benefit of using offset quadrant shower trays is that these collect waters, and due to a slight tint towards drainage, whole water quickly goes into the draining system. That prevents water from spreading into the other bathroom areas, making it easier to keep your bathroom neat and tidy without much effort. 

  • Better Use of Space. 

The offset quadrant shower trays come with front side curbed, which saves some space compared to other types of shower trays. However, the size is slightly longer than the quadrant shower tray, a minimalist and compact design. The offset quadrant shower requires a bit extra forward space than that. So, if you have a small bathroom and, for some reason, you cannot use quadrant trays then offset can be a great option. 

  • Great for all Bathroom Types. 

Offset quadrant shower trays are suitable for all bathroom types. That also includes odd kinds of bathroom designs where you cannot use other shower trays. It fits nicely into the corner and complements most shower enclosure door types. So, in all such scenarios, you will usually choose a quadrant shower enclosure that will fit the offset quadrant shower tray.

  • A Better-Looking Softer Shape.

Other than quadrant shower enclosures, all different types have sharp edges that usually don’t look good. A quadrant shower enclosure will be a much better-looking alternative that works well in most scenarios. In comparison, a curved edge from the front provides better aesthetic value for you.   

  • More Standing Space Inside the Shower Area.

Offset quadrant shower trays have an extra-long length with rounded curvy front side. These provide some extra shower space for you. While in quadrant shower enclosures, you can quickly move around inside and the shower area. It will be better and roomier than other types of shower enclosures. 

Offset Quadrant Shower Trays at Royal Bathrooms UK.

Offset Quadrant shower trays are suitable for offset quadrant shower enclosures. Their shape differs slightly from the front edge, giving it a distinct look than others. Since shower trays have the vital function of collecting water and facilitating it to go into drainage quickly, you will need the one with many shower enclosures. If you are looking for offset quadrant shower trays, then we have the sleekest and stylish option with just 40mm of width available for you.

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