Why use staff rostering systems?

Business is hard enough; why make it harder? Managing customers, sales and marketing, invoicing, creditors, bills, endless juggling, and all this before getting to the staff.

If you manage staff, you know the challenges, availabilities are constantly changing, people need to swap shifts, staff are clocking in late (or not at all), and you need an extra head to manage the challenges.

That’s where we started, and that’s where RosterElf started.

We searched far and wide for a staff rostering app that was simple to use, connected with Xero, and didn’t cost a fortune. But, sadly, there was nothing to be found.

From there, a long journey started, we found the best designers and the best developers, and we worked building the best staff rostering system we could. As business owners, we were guided by the desire to make something Magically Simple, and you’ll see this embodied throughout the RosterElf system.

From the easy-to-use slide bar technology to roster staff daily to the click and connect methodology of processing payroll through to Xero, we’ve made sure that your life as a business owner is made easier.

After that, we needed to build a pricing model. Many systems out there had minimum spend amounts, high monthly costs, lock-in contracts, and fees for all employees on the system, not just those on the roster. If you are running a pool of flexible employees, you don’t want to have to pay for all of them every week. We believe in fair pricing and pay as you go so, we made our pricing match. No Rosters? No charges. Fifty employees with only ten on the roster this week? Only pay for ten.

As business owners ourselves, we felt it was the right thing to do.

To date, we’ve built WebApps for easy desktop rostering, iOS and Android Apps with Management and Staff Functionality, shift swap systems, staff availability apps, and Perfect Match algorithms designed to give you the right staff with the right qualifications for the role every time.

And after the shifts are finished, the clock in / out data has been entered, and the pays are due; you click a few buttons, and the employee payroll is ready to go.

Staff Rostering Systems like RosterElf will save you hours managing staff in your business, save you money with better reporting and GPS clock in-out data, and save you headaches by getting the right people working at the right time.

Get started today, no matter the provider and see what sort of difference electronic rostering systems will make in your business and your life.


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