Why You Ought to Split a PDF Into Smaller PDFs

Picture this: you’ve created an excellent document for your supervisor to approve before that big corporate presentation scheduled the next day. You’ve even saved it as a PDF to make it more secure and look more professional. Then your supervisor comments one hour before the presentation that the document is much too large. Disaster! So what do you do next? to the Rescue

It would be easy to panic and sink into despair at such last-minute changes. But you don’t have to panic while is on the job – you just need their split pdf tool to help you out. This way, you can cut your document into sections that can each be saved as PDFs too.

Benefits of Splitting a PDF into Smaller PDFs

Splitting a PDF into smaller PDFs is a sensible strategy if you want to avoid submitting a huge PDF “as is, where is”. In any human organization, it is common to share files with your superiors and co-workers. However, if the PDF is too large, you just might be overwhelming your colleagues with too much data. That’s where Gogo comes in.

Why would the PDF be too big? Well, for one thing, that PDF size may have been just right during a past project. But projects do change direction in mid-stream. So there may be information that is more apt for the current goals. Rather than give everyone the large PDF and hope they can find the info they need within time parameters, you can split PDF instead.

You’d also need to split a PDF is if the current data has to mesh somehow with the assumptions you made in the large PDF before. Rather than chunk the entire large PDF into the trash bin by labeling it obsolete, you can split the PDF and then save the portions as individual PDFs. Even though some of the individual PDFs could be obsolete, you can keep the portions that are still applicable.

It is also less costly in terms of person-hours to re-use previous data because you won’t have to replicate the exact data search repeatedly. The information available in your existing PDF may still apply to the current problem you are attempting to resolve. In this case, you would be doing the client of your group a favor by citing the PDF data for a new project.

Why is Your Ally

The split PDF tool is essential because it saves you hours that would have gone to looking through the large PDF document for the data you need. With this tool, you just need to drag and drop your PDF into the cloud service’s appropriate field, split the PDF then create new PDFs out of the individual parts. There’s no more need to waste time doing this task yourself!

It also reduces effort on your part that would have been spent looking for the right software to split your PDF with. You also won’t have to spend money on that new software, which was the only option for most people back in the day. And your laptop can use the freed-up memory space for other purposes instead. These are all great reasons for using instead.

If you’re still not sure if is the right option for your organization, consider these:

  • You can use with any browser that is available to you. This means complete flexibility for you.
  • You can rely on any operating system like Linux, Mac, or Windows because is a web-based cloud service. Their tool operates solely online, not on your computer.
  • Your information in the PDF will not be shared or leaked to anyone. Right after the tool has split your PDF and given you the individual PDFs, the system will count for 60 minutes – then will automatically delete all your data. This means the system will not retain any of your valuable information, nor will other parties be privy to that.
  • There won’t be any dilution of the data within the PDF. The format; choice of font families, color, and size; plus the color and sharpness of the images used in the original PDF will all carry over into the new split PDFs. In fact, if the recipient of the data didn’t see the original, they might assume that each new PDF is actually the original itself.
  • You save on money by subscribing to You won’t need to buy brand new software, install it on your computer, then learn various commands just to make that software do what you want. is so user-friendly as it is.
  • The system of this cloud service is practically a no-brainer. There won’t be any need to remember a lot of special commands or memorize any terms. As long as you can follow simple instructions, the system will do your work for you.

The Biggest Advantage of

It can be safely said that has one overwhelming advantage – and that is speed. It is so convenient to use that you might forget how hard it used to be to split data from a PDF. This is the new way to split large PDFs so that you will be more effective and efficient in the office. This will raise your productivity, not to mention improve your reputation within your organization.


There are many reasons to want to rely on the split PDF tool of You might have some of your own, that were not mentioned here. The good news is that the cloud service tool is really so handy, convenient, and fast. This will not only benefit you but the other members of your organization as well.

If you’ve never tried before, you can opt for the free trial version so that you can test for yourself this new service. You may be so amazed by how user-friendly it is that you’ll wind up recommending it to your colleagues at work as well. So, go to today!

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