20+ Aquarius Memes That Only Aquarius Understands

If you’re an Aquarius, then you know that there are some things only you can understand. These memes perfectly capture the unique quirks and personalities of Aquarius people, and they’re sure to make you laugh. Whether you’re just starting to embrace your Aquarius personality or you’ve been celebrating it for years, these memes will speak to your soul. So check these 20+ Aquarius memes that only them can understand:

  1. Aquarius sense of humor

This is so spot on. Aquarius have a slightly offbeat sense of humor, and they laugh at things other people might find incredibly offensive. When it comes to jokes, Aquarius is never afraid to go there.

  1. Aquarius existential crisis

Sometimes nothing makes sense and the only thing you can do is embrace it. Aquarius is a free-thinking air sign, which means they’re always looking at the bigger picture.

  1. Aquarius can get caught up in their thoughts

Aquarius lives in their own little world sometimes, but it’s when they suddenly snap out of this that things get interesting.

  1. Aquarius giving their opinion

Aquarius has no problem sharing what they think. They’re not afraid to sound like a know-it-all at times, but they don’t expect you to know everything they do, either.

  1. When Aquarius is done talking

When someone’s been rambling for too long and you just want them to stop already…

  1. The Aquarius sense of humor on fleek

There might be some people who don’t appreciate the Aquarian sense of humor, but that doesn’t stop them from speaking their mind. Their honesty is often refreshing, even if it does hurt other people’s feelings sometimes.

  1. Aquarius is a thoughtful person

They like to contemplate and think about things, and it’s easy for them to get caught up in their own train of thought. However, when they do actually pay attention to what’s going on around them, they can be really insightful.

  1. That time Aquarius was feeling themselves

Everyone needs moments of self-love once in a while. Aquarius has such an insight into the way people work, which means they have a clear understanding of who they are as a person. They desire this knowledge so that they can keep growing stronger with each passing day.

  1. When Aquarius wants some peace and quiet

Aquarius doesn’t always want to be surrounded by noise and chaos all the time. They have a more introverted side that just wants to be able to enjoy some time alone.

  1. Aquarius blowing off steam

When you ask too many questions…

  1. When someone tries talking to Aquarius during their episode of The Bachelor

Aquarius’ mind is constantly spinning, filled with thoughts and ideas about the world around them. Every now and then they need time by themselves to recharge, but it can be hard for other people not used to the Aquarian mindset to understand this.

  1. Aquarius can get carried away in their own thoughts sometimes

The beauty of an individualistic sign like Aquarius is that they’re constantly evolving into a better version of themselves every day. Yes, it means they can get carried away in their own world sometimes, but it also means they’re always growing.

  1. When Aquarius gets out of hand with the memes

This isn’t exactly a good look for any sign to be fair, but Aquarius is never afraid to show off. They’re usually confident individuals who love being able to express their true selves however they want!

  1. That time when Aquarius said what everyone else was thinking

It’s not that people are against Aquarians sharing their opinions and thoughts – it’s just that some people might find themselves lost within all of them at times! However, at least there can’t be any doubt about how someone feels if they say it with such clarity and conviction as an Aquarius does.

  1. When Aquarius doesn’t want to fall for your tricks anymore

Aqua’s are so smart they can see right through you, and they’re sick of people trying to manipulate them. If you think you’ll be able to convince them of anything, think again!

  1. That time when Aquarius shared their wisdom with the world

Despite how different every single Aquarian is on a personal level, there’s one thing that brings them all together: their desire to make the world a better place in whatever way they can. They have such an incredible understanding of human nature which really helps them understand the best ways of helping others – not themselves.

  1. People who try chatting with Aquarius mid-episode of Breaking Bad

If you’re not into all things science or space, you might find yourself completely lost when talking to an Aquarius. They have so many interests that the conversation can get pretty out there sometimes!

  1. That time when Aqua was just too honest

Sometimes it’s good for people to be reminded of the truth, but other times they probably would prefer a little sugar-coating! At least with Aquariuses around, there won’t ever be any confusion about how someone feels…

  1. When Aquarius doesn’t even know what to say anymore

It’s hard to make sense of this crazy world sometimes, and it can be easy for an Aquarian to get confused by everything that’s going on around them at once – especially when it’s happening right in front of their eyes.

  1. The struggle of understanding Aquarius memes

Even though Aqua might not always make sense to the outside world, they do an amazing job at expressing themselves through various mediums like social media, art, and creativity.

  1. When Aqua is too busy contemplating the universe to answer your texts

Aquarians are always thinking…sometimes they find themselves lost in their thoughts for so long that they just forget to reply to anything! It means people might have to remind them of time and place occasionally.

We hope you enjoyed these memes that only the Aquarius sun sign can fully appreciate. If you’re an Aquarius, check out aquarius daily horoscope to find out more about yourself.

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