3 Simple Steps To Shift Into A Better Mood

A foul mood can come out of nowhere and be challenging to shake despite your best efforts. Sometimes, a funk can be so brutal to shake that you might need to nap it off, but other times you can manage your feelings with a few strategies that can help you shift into a better mood in no time. Learn three simple steps to help send your bad mood packing.

Write Down Your Feelings

You know when you’re in an unpleasant mood more often than not. On rare occasions, it might take insight from friends and loved ones for you to step back and observe your actions to evaluate your feelings.

Regardless of the nature of the input, evaluating your mood is of utmost importance. When you stop and write down your feelings, it is an efficient and effective way to process your emotions without dwelling on them. Before you begin, grab a glass of water and your over the counter anxiety medicine for anxiety and stress.

Further, if you are in a skewed mood thanks to an interaction with another person, you can say all the things you want to say when you write down your feelings rather than being hindered by a back and forth conversation. Just be sure to go back and edit out any strong wording before you expect to have any meaningful conversations with another person moving forward.

Regulate Your Breathing 

If you’re still feeling spicy after you journal your thoughts and feelings, you’re not alone, and over the counter anxiety treatments can sometimes help. For some people, it can take hours, if not days and weeks, to break free of a bum mood. If you pay close attention to your breathing while in your feelings, you might notice that it is not as smooth as usual. Attempting to regulate your breathing can have positive results.

Regulating your breathing begins a calming cycle that is beneficial for your mind and body. First, only pay attention to your breath as you struggle to find peace in a toxic mood. Then, attempt to regulate your breathing with an only light effort at first. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold for one second. Exhale by pushing the air out through your mouth. Hold for one second. Repeat this cycle a few times throughout the day to attempt to gain control of erratic breathing. Relaxation and mood control is likely to follow. Read more about Sip of stamina Eso.

Get Out In Nature

As you attempt to regulate your breathing, a great way to ensure that you do so is to eliminate the possibility of conversation. The continuation of uncomfortable conversations or stressful events is not beneficial if you cannot evaluate options and consider outcomes clearly. While it is important to have tough talks, it is better for everyone when all parties are calm and collected. Head out for a walk to cool your head, surround yourself with nature, and consider herbal remedies for anxiety while you hike away from the blues.

As you become more experienced at shifting funky moods into fantastic ones, you can develop your strategies and pass them on to others. However, if you need more support to control your mood swings, be sure to contact a healthcare professional.

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