4 Things Small Business Owners Can Do To Improve SEO

January is here, which means it’s time to re-evaluate your company goals. Just like with personal goals, the beginning of the year is the ideal time to reflect on what your company did well last year and identify areas that need improvement. 

With the energy of an entirely new year on your side, you can establish some positive resolutions moving forward. Maybe you want to connect with a broader customer base. Or perhaps, you want to focus on building your brand story. But no matter what, figuring out how to improve your marketing approach will help you see further success in 2023.

If one of your company’s goals is to reach new customers and grow sales, an excellent way to do so is through search engine optimization. And the good news is that you can increase your SEO rankings this year by following a few straightforward steps. 

These tips are attainable for most small businesses, so jump right in to get started with your company’s new year.

Tip 1: Focus Locally

When trying to find new customers, you want people in your area or target audience to find you when they search online. And, while it can be challenging to compete with large, national brands, you don’t have to in order to succeed.

Instead, focus on local or niche keywords to help you find your exact audience. For example, an SEO company outside of New York City might try to target a keyword phrase such as” Long Island search engine marketing.” This would be a much more effective phrase to try and rank for than something like “search engine marketing,” where the volume and competition are steeper.

Tip 2: Don’t Forget About Backlinks

While keywords are important, there’s more to SEO than just adding in a few phrases. If you want to increase your rankings on the search engine results page, consider backlinks an essential element of SEO strategy. These are links that go to your site from another web page. You can ask other websites to include a link to one of your relevant blog posts. Other sites will likely do this for you if you post one of their links, too.

Tip 3: Ensure High-Quality Content

Online marketing, including SEO, has come a long way in the past few years. Keywords do still matter, but keyword stuffing is no longer what works. Instead, the algorithms have become much more sophisticated and complex. They look for quality content. So, when building your website and posting blogs, be sure to post on a consistent schedule. Also, make sure you write relevant posts that pertain to your industry and keep them free of significant errors. 

Tip 4: Be Patient With The Results

Even though making a few changes to your website and your SEO approach can make a difference, don’t expect changes immediately. You might feel frustrated if your website doesn’t rank as highly as you want, but it can take months for these changes to take effect. If you still need help finding your customer base, it might be worthwhile to get the help of a local SEO company. Experts can assist you with resources and advice. 

Finally, when implementing changes, don’t feel like you have to do everything at once. Instead, aim to improve one area of your company’s marketing approach and stick to that. This step-by-step approach makes these SEO goals less intimidating and will make it easier to track results.

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